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Do you measure ?

I couldn't tell you the last time I pulled out a teaspoon, tablespoon, or measuring cup. I think I do a good job guessing... Am I alone ?

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  1. Baking..Mostly Yes ---- Cooking..Mostly No

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      Snap. Fundamentally whenever a chemical reaction is involved that requires a particular ratio of chemicals. Acid and base is the most common. Brining and various fermentation processes are others.

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        What Bob & Paul said, but when measuring in baking I weigh the ingredients.

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        my MO: i just chuck everything in.

        i have a cupboard full of baking gadgets hoping they'd change my mind about baking someday. rarely use them! i'm in such a hurry to turn the page when a recipe mentions the word 'bake' :( (someday... when i start liking sugar and cakes)

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          Ditto on what Uncle Bob said. If a cooking recipe calls for a lot of something (3 cups of chopped onions, etc.) or for a marinade, then I'll rough measure, but otherwise, it's usually by eyeball.

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            Both, unless it's a really important cake.

          2. For baking (my bane!) always yes. Cooking usually no, depends on the dish and how the different flavors are supposed to meld.

            1. I learned from watching the old Justin Wilson shows how to measure in the palm of my hand and I'm pretty good. When using a new recipe I measure the first time to create as close as possible the original.

              1. I measure by eye except for baking which I do little of. Also items like oil in a glass decanter with spout will dispense ~1 tbs in 3 seconds

                1. I don't know if this simply because of my asperger's, but the first time I make a recipe I measure everything as precisely as I am able to. I also follow all the cooking directions as closely as I can. I have to know (see?) what something is supposed to taste like/turn out like (and have the people I'm cooking for like it enough to make it more than once) before I am comfortable with 'guesstimating' amounts. Whenever I bake I have to measure every ingredient every time.

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                    I'm with you blackoak, I ALWAYS prepare a recipe exactly as called for the first time. I don't know if it has anything to do with asperger's. It's just smart and is the only way to truly gauge the quality of a recipe.

                    I always measure when baking. As far as cooking, it depends on my comfort level with a recipe. When it comes to everyday cooking I generally don't need to measure, but if I'm following a more complicated recipe I always do.

                  2. Baking....yes......Cooking, definitely no....in fact a recipe is generally just a guideline to me....i hardly ever follow one unless I'm baking or making a secific dessert.

                    1. I don't want to sample your pickles.

                      1. I usually do measure most ingredients, because I count calories, unless I'm pretty confident about the size of a measurement (tablespoons, teaspoons, and the fractions thereof don't always get measured).

                        1. always for baking and for cooking rice, grits, oatmeal/porridge and so on. Rarely for cooking as I don't follow recipes but use them as guidelines.

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                            I tend to do the same. Grains must be measured if success is expected but I seldom measure meat or veggies.

                            I have an electronic scale for baking and it always use.

                            1. certain food and baking require this I try to order or buy these thing that someone has made..,...I shoot from the hip with ingredients sometime it is a mood more spicy more sweet more salty depend on my mood that is way we love cooking because we can change our ratios depending on who we feel or what we desire

                              1. For cooking, I rarely measure unless it's a particularly important ratio (like for rice), or a large amount of liquid (anything over 1/2 cup). For baking, I always measure.

                                1. Cooking rarely...same as others who said unless it is a particular ratio needed, although even then, I am not precise.

                                  Baking, I measure but not with precision. I used to try to be very precise, but then I spent a year working in a pastry kitchen where there was a very little precision. A little more or less of this or that isn't going to make that much difference.

                                  1. cooking - no

                                    baking - um, also no. Hey, everything seems to come out just fine anyway. The kitchen faeries must like me lol!

                                    1. cooking no . . . and have become pretty lax in baking over the years. It's an exaggeration that everything must be precisely measured in baking. The first person who made the thing didn't - she just had to calibrate it somehow to commit it to paper . . . probably had to painstakingly remake it, rounding up and down to make it fit. It helps if you know baking basics though.

                                      1. If I'm just making something for dinner out of what's in the fridge, I don't measure formally. But I do measure if I am following a recipe, usually even if I have made it many times. It's quick me. have many sets of measuring spoons (I pick them up at thrift stores whenever I see them) and measuring cups, keep them handy, and use them all the time. When I baked professionally we measured everything carefully, too. Spoons and cups are like a whisk or a knife for me: the tools for the job.

                                        1. Mostly with the baking, hardly ever with cooking.

                                          1. Baking is a bit temperamental so I measure for that. But I use a scale instead. So much more accurate and convenient too.

                                            1. When I'm baking, I always do. When I'm preparing something when the ratio is important (water for rice, for instance), then I do. When I'm cooking a complicated recipe for the first time or cooking with a spice or other possibly pungent ingredient, I measure at least that. Usually, though, I adjust recipes to my taste and don't measure much.