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Aug 16, 2009 09:30 AM

Uptown Toronto on a Saturday Night - Half Empty Restaurant at 7:30 pm

My girlfriend and I went to Cravings (Toronto - on Yonge south of York Mills) at 7:30 Saturday night.
The service was cold and the orange beef was way too chewy.
However, this is not a restaurant review.
My girlfriend thinks that the restaurant was half full because 'everybody goes downtown on a Saturday night'.
I think that it is because of the service and quality of food.
Everyone's opinions are appreciated.

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  1. I believe what you are experiencing is "its finally summer" syndrome. Downtown on a Saturday night with the exception of the club district is pretty quiet. We live in Leslieville and can walk into any restaurant in the area without a reservation on any Saturday night.

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    1. re: vaiguy777

      True, Toronto is not Paris but there is a certain "emptying out" of the city on hot summer weekends, and especially long weekends. With the exception of specific events and festivals (like Taste of the Danforth) many restaurants are pretty quiet. Some smaller places downtown shut for a week or two around this time as well. After Labour Day everything comes back to life again. I suspect for a lot of people this weather is more conducive to a backyard BBQ or heading to the cottage or beach rather than sitting in a restaurant. But I actually kind of enjoy the quietness, though seeing a favourite restaurant half empty is never good.

      Or... maybe Cravings is just not a very good restaurant. I've never been, so I can't comment on it specifically.

      1. re: Gary

        Well, Camens closed down for *3 months* to celebrate some sort of anniversary (decades).

      2. re: vaiguy777

        I was at Nyood last night at 7:30 and the place was only 1/3 full. Of course, it was packed with the club crowd come 9:30, but you've got to figure they usually want to do 3 covers a night on Saturday. Dog days of summer indeed.

      3. I was in Le Paradis last night and it was packed.

        1. I was at United Dairy Bakers restaurant yesterday, which is notorious for its super-crowdedness & incredibly long line-ups, especially on a Sunday at brunch time, and it was only half full. And the food remains to be excellent. I think the dog days of summer are here... until Wednesday, anyways.

          1. Remember too that this is the first REALLY good weekend of this summer ... I think everyone was up in my neck of the woods (Kawarthas)...

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            1. re: kawarthagirl

              I suppose I will have to admit defeat to my girlfriend although her 'everyone is downtown' does not appear to be correct either.
              I think in my mind I was trying to justify that Cravings was only half full due to the cold, clumsy servers and the luke warm tough beef.

              1. re: allanc

                Cravings is not very good, but it's popular with the neighbourhood. Restaurants are definitely experiencing the summer blahs. I was just in Milagro (down the street from Cravings) the other night and they told me that August has been really dead.

                1. re: TorontoJo

                  I thought cravings was very good the first time that my girlfriend suggested that we go there.
                  We have visited maybe 4 times and it has been going downhill (all of this in less than 1 year).
                  I am going to start another thread about our thoughts on the 'alcohol vs no alcohol' service theory (is there a difference at Cravings)?