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Aug 16, 2009 08:40 AM

ISO dried mango strips

I have seen mango strips in a number of stores, but many of those strips are very dry and hard. I'm looking for those soft, not necessarily organic. Any suggestions? Thanks

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  1. Chinatown.

    I've seen bags of dried yet supple, sweet, orange-coloured mango strips in many Chinatown grocery stores.

    1. Available widely if you mean the soft, vac-pac variety. Anything softer would be actively decomposing.

      1. Costco sells large bags of dried mango strips. They are very soft and chewy. For my tastes, I find them quite sweet, but they certainly are delicious (and somewhat addictive). You can find them in the baking section at Costco, near the raisins.

        1. Thank you everyone.
          Actually, I was referring to the loose mango strips, not the ones in vacuum packages.
          I bought some organic mango strips from Noah's today, and they were rather dry and pretty hard to chew. It's not for myself, buy for an older person.
          Unfortunately, Costco is not an option for me.

          1. 7D is a company based in the Philippines that packages soft mango strips. They have the consistency of licorice, or gummy bears. They are sweet, delicious, and widely available at most grocery stores. I've even seen them near the checkout counter at Longo's


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              Thanky Nella Kay. Sounds like what I'm looking for.