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Suggestions... Where to buy live lobster in T.O.

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I am looking to buy some live lobster for this coming weekend. Any suggestions of where I should go?

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  1. I usually purchase Lobsters from T&T

    1. Bill's Lobster on Gerrard St. East for friendly personal service and a wide choice. They're the best downtown.

      1. Bergon Lobster, at 500 Don Park Road, Unit 4, Markham, Telephone: 905 475 6374.

        1. Diana's Seafood Delight

          2101 Lawrence Avenue East
          Scarborough, ON M1R 2Z4
          (416) 288-9286
          Get directions

          1. T&T has lobster (~1.5lbs) for $4.99/lb this weekend.

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              T&T is great for lobster selection at great prices. Diana's is great for oysters and 'wild caught' fish but falls way short when comes to lobster selection!

            2. City Fish on Dufferin. Great prices, selection, and customer service.


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                  Thank you all for your great suggestions!