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Aug 16, 2009 07:15 AM

Best romantic, yet creative and modern restaurant in Toronto?

My husband and I are planning a romantic dinner for two on Labour Day weekend and are looking for suggestions for the best romantic, yet creative and modern restaurant in Toronto. Any ideas?

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  1. We really enjoyed Madelines (the old Susur) on King. Great food, cool decor, and not too expensive. Ask for one of the booths along the sides, though. Much more romantic than the tables in the middle.

    I know there have been mixed reviews about the place, but we had great service and loved the food more than his other two Toronto spots; found the food much more accessible and not as "stuffy".

    1. Two of my favourites are Colborne Lane and Nyood... although romantic is admittedly a subjective thing. Both of these places are a bit buzz-y, but I don't necessarily consider that unromantic.

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        Colborne Lane is creative compared to the rest in Toronto, however, I think it is not romantic at all, especially with the loud music as it is like turning into a club after 9pm.

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          That's exactly what I mean about "romantic" being subjective... I think CL is a sexy room (and I wouldn't describe it as club-like), but I get why others might find it de trop.

          Also... it would be uncharted territory but the new "Rain" (now Ame) is supposed to open next week and I expect it will be creative and interesting in terms of food and decor (although they may need a few weeks to get the bugs out).

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            The new Rain is indeed opening soon. I've been told the industry and special invite previews are happening this week. I am sure that it will be AMAZING (as Rain was) however, to Rabbit's point, I'd give it at least a month before going there for a special occasion evening out.

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          I ate at Colborne Lane and thought it was a little too scientific. We had a great meal (Chef's table in the kitchen), but at the end of the meal my stomach was left feeling kinda queesy due to all the wierd cooking process (I suspect).

        3. My mom mentioned Corner House to me the other day as being a great place for a date. Apparently they have small rooms where you dine in. I have never been there, but might be worth investigating further as she made it sound pretty cool.

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            Corner House is definitely romantic, but not creative. think upscale comfort food.

          2. I don't think too many places are romantic on a weekend - just too busy.
            However, my choice would be Blacktree in Burlington. The food is extremely creative, and everybody I've taken/sent there has returned for another meal (or more)! Yes, it's a bit of a hike - but that will give you time to talk about the meal on the way back. Reservations essential.

            1. Torfoodie, you seem to be the type that likes a little adventure. I agree with Rabbit et al that recommend Colborne Lane.

              Romantic tables are on the midwest wall where the lighting is dim. They feel a bit more secluded than being in the middle of the room and calmer than the tables along the window.

              The cuisine is exceptionally modern and very well executed. That is if you like or at least want to try molecular gastronomy. Some dishes will be for the sensations and flavours and others just for fun and show. Expecting some to wow and some to make you giggle will help you have more fun with the experience.


              Colborne Lane
              45 Colborne Street, Toronto, ON M5E 1P8, CA

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                I would agree that Colburn Lane would be your best bet! It is so great, fun and there is nothing more romantic than exploring food and flavours with someone you care my opinion...

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                  Or you may want to try LG3 and Yonge and Eg. The price point is a lower but you still get that creative food experience.