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Aug 16, 2009 06:26 AM


Went to Jim's Dock for lunch on a perfect day. What a beautiful location! But the food? The worst fried clams I have ever tasted. Over fried with no discernible bellies (consequence of over frying?) and most of the clams were actually stuck together in a big glop. No tarter sauce, just a little tin of mayo for dipping. The lobster rolls were equally bad. No tail meat at all. Lots of that secondary claw meat (you know, not the fat claw, but the shiny rubbery part of the smaller pincer) It might have even come out of a can. The calamari was a failed attempt at Rhode Island style with all rings (no tentacles), again over fried with some non-marinated sliced peppers just thrown in. A haddock sandwich was pretty good.
All in all, a miserable dining experience in a wonderful setting.
Any similar experiences? Recs for next time?

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  1. Awww, BFM, I'm sorry you had a bad turn at Jim's. To be honest, I'm not sure if I'd recommend Jim's to someone looking for the best fried seafood in the area (Matunuck Oyster Bar) or the best lobster roll (Skips dock, right next door). The fish sandwiches are pretty reliable, as is the breakfast fare, especially the pancakes.

    I hope you and other readers won't write Jim's off for good. Or maybe I see, what is wonderful about Jim's is that I go there three times a week before hitting the beach, there is rarely a morning wait, it is in an incredibly beautiful spot, and the waitstaff is friendly, attentive, and tends to the whims of my one year old. Not to mention that it is BYOB, you can sit on one of RI's most beautiful docks and drink your own brews.

    Jim's is the perfect seaside diner. It is not a fish market, but an idyllic spot that locals enjoy immensely. Come for what they do best and you won't be disappointed. Or find somewhere else and leave the view to me.

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    1. Three words - Matunuck Oyster Bar.