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Aug 16, 2009 06:17 AM

ISO Coconut M&Ms -- NOVA, Arlington

i want to get some of these before their special production is over. have you found them -- recently -- in arlington? anywhere close? thanks!

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  1. you know there is not a molecule of coconut anywhere near a bag of these so-called "coconut" M&Ms

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    1. re: 42duffy

      That's bizarre. Here's another did you know...did you know if you store a bag of M&Ms near your coffee or espresso, you'll have mocha M&Ms? I only know this because it unintentionally happened in my cupboard. So if a mocha M&M sounds good to you, a new taste sensation awaits!

    2. I saw them recently in the CVS on South Washington Street in Alexandria so likely they are at other CVS.

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      1. re: milocat

        thanks milocat, but my cvs doesn't have them (spout run). i'll check the other close-by ones, too.

        1. re: alkapal

          And also interestingly, after posting this, I saw the coconut ones in the little convenience store in the building where I work! But you would need a badge to get in so it's not very helpful. The CVS on S. Wash always has the limited time only flavors (I think I bought cherry once....) so I'm guessing the buyer is a big M&M fan.

          1. re: milocat

            hmmm. road trip! are they only in the small packages, or larger bags?

            i'm still enjoying (slowly) my wild cherry and mint crisp m&ms! LOVE them both!!

        2. The Giant in Annandale at LRT & Columbia Pike had them about a month ago, but I haven't seen (or looked for them) in the last couple of weeks. Might be worth a phone call if you don't want to make a special trip.

          If you do go there, make time to go to the far side of the parking lot and get some mandu from the little house behind Heidi's nail salon. Excellent!