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Aug 16, 2009 04:11 AM

Sonora Portchester Review

Husband and I went to Sonora last night spur of the moment. I made an open table reservation for 7pm an hour before from the car. We might be stupid but we drove right past it on Rectory St not realizing it was on the corner. If you go just look for the car across the street with the "boot" on the tire.

We waited for 5 minutes at the valet area for someone to come and take our car. We were pondering leaving and trying our luck with a walk-in at the Tarry Lodge and then the valet guy came. The outside of the restaurant is so very different then what you find inside. When we walked in I was surprised to find such a nice place- I loved the decor. Downstairs was a little busy and we were brought to the dining room upstairs where there was 1 other table. We sat at a comfy corner U booth for 2.

We ordered drinks, I had the Brazilian Cosmo and hubby had a beer-both of which could have been colder. We ordered 2 apps - Degustacion de Empanadas Tasting of braised shot ribs empanadas with ginger and cilantro aioli , sirloin steak empanada with guajillo and golden raisin aji and shrimp empanadas with horse radish mojito and a coconut shrimp with sweet plaintain dish. Apps came in a teired serving dish. The empanadas were really really small and I am glad we ordered 2 things. The empanadas were delish as were the sauces. The shimp was just fried coconut shrimp that would would find anywhere.

For dinner I had the seafood paella and husband had Sautéed shrimp and sea scallops in a chipotle, honey, Chardonnay sauce with lobster ravioli.

I have read mixed reviews of this restaurant and was really happy we went. Service was EXCELLENT.

Then I get my paella. Looked fabulous, presentation was excellent. This was not paella, this was a rice dish. Shame on a latin restautant for not having authentic paella. My homeamde paella is 100 times better then this dish. It was chock full of seafood (clams, mussels, HUGE shrimp, a lot of lobster) but it was watery and all of the seafood was water logged - what a waste of good seafood. Nothing tasted like seafood and the rice had absolutely no flavor. Where were the latin spices? where was the latin flavor? My husband was glad he didn't order the same thing as he really enjoyed his dish. We also got a side of tostones that were good.

We skipped dessert (not really dessert people). Bill was around $115 I believe.

My fake paella aside we had a really nice time. Like I said service was excellent, the restaurant was beautiful and it was a great date night without the kids. I think I would try 1 more time and order the pork tenerloin which is what I wanted to order but changed my mind at the last minute.

By the time we left this place was PACKED. I did notice a little outside patio with a few tables.

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  1. We love this restaurant, and you are right, it is very deceiving - the outside looks like a dive bar, but inside is beautiful. Last week we had the "school" of seviche appetizer and the guacamole, which was outstanding. My husband and I both had the Argentinian steak and it was an excellent piece of NY Strip with chimichuri sauce. Don't skip dessert next time, the churos are terrific - like little cinammon donuts and they are served with warm chocolate and warm raspberry sauce for dipping.

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      Wincountrygirl- I wanted to order the skirt steak but it is on my menu for today. I am going to give it another try. The restaurant and the presentation were beautiful. I was just sadly disappointed in the paella.

      1. re: doberlady

        Can't speak to the skirt steak, but the stip was great!!

    2. This weekend, I went here for the first time. The pork tenderloin dish was awesome--you really missed out. I tried a bit of several dishes, and all were very good.

      My overall experience was solid, but I feel like the flavors were kind of dumbed-down to appeal to a more "american" palette. I'd go again if someone else asked, and I would certainly like it, but there are so many good, authentic, latin places in the area that I'm not in a hurry to return.