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Aug 16, 2009 12:30 AM

Breakfast Recs

Hi folks, we'll be in Manhattan for 4 days in February and by my reckoning that's 3 opportunities for a fantastic breakfast!

I expect a lot of brunch places are out as we'll be there Mon - Thurs.

We particularly like creamy, fresh scrambled eggs, decent bacon, pancakes and french toast. Not all together however, so different spots may do one of the above better than others.

We don't mind travelling anywhere for good chow - have metrocard, will travel!

Any recs for decent midweek breakfast? Landmarc and CSB have been recommended to me already.


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  1. We have a hankering for breakfast buckwheat crepes and for one of our mornings are going to trot down to Bar Breton.

    1. Weekday brunch and breakfast spots:

      Best brunch in NY:

      I would second Clinton Street Baking Company and also try out Shopsin's, Balthazar, Cookshop, and Sarabeth's.

      1. Allow me to introduce you to kathryn.

        1. Try permanent brunch. brunch all day, every day.

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            Not on Kathryn's list! What have you had that is good there?

            At the moment I'm thinking Day 1 CSB, day 2 The Smith and still deciding for day 3.

          2. Cafe Mogador...multi-grain pancakes and Moroccan-influenced egg dishes...