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Aug 15, 2009 11:53 PM

Lunch in Crystal City

Hello! I recently started a new job in an office building at Jefferson Davis Hwy and 20th St. in Crystal City. I've done some exploring on my lunch breaks for places to eat but haven't really been impressed with anything yet. I'd prefer to spend $10 or less ($6 or less would be even better.) Specifically, I'm looking for good places to go when I want a reasonably priced sandwich, salad or sushi, but I am open to all types of food (and preferably healthy choices.) And I have to get there, eat, and get back to my building in an hour.

Places I've gone so far:
-Au Bon Pain
-Noodles and Company
-Sushi Garden
-Green Leaf Cafe

I'm also interested in finding the best cup of coffee (just regular old-fashioned coffee.) So far Dunkin Donuts tops my list but I'm open to suggestions.

Coffee I've tried so far:
-Dunkin Donuts
-Caribou Coffee
-Corner Bakery

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Plaza Gourmet inside the mall on Crystal Drive between 20th and 23rd makes nice subs with good quality ingredients for $5.50. It's next to McDonalds. They make burgers and fries too, but I haven't tried them. Across Crystal Drive from there is a Quiznos, Chipotle and Starbucks. Inside Crystal Park 4 (the one with the Sport and Health), there's a Perfect Pita, which is pretty good too, and not too expensive. Manna Cafe in the same building has fare similar to Plaza Gourmet, but is more expensive. If you go down Eads across 23rd, there's Kabob Palace and House of Kabob, which are discussed elsewhere on Chowhound. From where you are, the restaurant block on 23rd above Rt.1 isn't too long a walk at lunch either.

    1. jaleo has a $11 lunch!
      kora has lunch too

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        Had a wonderful dinner at Kora which is open for lunch too!

      2. You need to walk down 23rd between Jeff Davis and Fern. There's about a dozen places- very good pizza, Ethiopian and decent Italian, diner, sushi and sports bar that all do lunch. I also understand on the Crystal City side of Jeff Davis that the Japanese restaurant next to Legal Seafood (Matsuke?) does a nice sushi buffet lunch but I haven't been there yet.

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          Doubt that a sushi buffet would be in the $6-10 range, even at lunch, but if it is, I'll be there (and even not count the cost of parking).

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            I hear the buffet is awesome. However, have yet to try. I think I'll drop in today, and let you know.

          2. This may be a little far for you, but if not, there are at least two really good restaurants near 23rd and Eads. The Kabob Palace is excellent (chicken and lamb kabobs and chickpeas are fantastic). A little way down 23rds street is a small Thai restaurant that is also very good.

            1. You have to go to Kabob Palace! You can call your order in ahead of time too! On 23rd: Mexican is really good. As for Thai, go to Urban Thai. If you are in the mood for italian food, you cannot go wrong with the neighborhood newcomer Kora. They have this $16 "power lunch" deal which cannot be beat. The food is delicious and the service is superb. Highly recommend it!