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Aug 15, 2009 11:43 PM

Romantic restaurant in downtown TO on a student budget?

Hey all,

Looking for a semi-romantic/romantic resto located in downtown TO on a student budget! GF is going away for a couple of months and we're looking to have a bit more fancy than usual night.. we're both very low maintenance/budget oriented - but willing to spend more for this night!

Ideally we are looking to spend no more than 30-35 per person, pre tax, pre drinks. Prix fare seems to probably fit the bill the best in this price range.

Food options - we pretty much like everything, but probably something besides Asian/Indian.

Le Select, Weezie's I've seen seemed interesting and decent choices.. but are there any more? We may consider Nota Bene and the likes (but that's obviously going out of our comfort zone!)

Not even sure if something like this exists.. but if it does awesome. Small restos/hidden gems are more than acceptable! I'll continue to search among threads here, but it would be great if you all could give me personal, recent recommendations. Thanks!!

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  1. I spent about $80ish for 2 (tax/tip included) @ Nota Bene tonight w/ a post 9pm reservation. No corkage fee meant I cracked a vintage bottle from the cellar tonight.

    We shared a starter and dessert, + 2 mains. Left comfortably full.

    Harbord Room or 93 Harbord could be options too. Susur has $1 corkage on Mon-Wed and a $35 prix fixe dubbed "susurlicious".

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      I second both Harbord Room and 93 Harbord. Both great little spots. You might also want to consider Rosebud. All charming, romantic and won't break the bank if you don't go overboard when you order.

    2. Sidecar's $24 (Sun-Wed) prix fixe might suit - Excellent cocktails and pretty back patio too!

      I also really like Le Select.

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      1. I heartily recommend the aforementioned Weezie's. It is romantic and cozy with great food, but without the pretension or high price tag. Not sure I can think of another place that embodies all those qualities so well.

        Southern Accent near Bloor and Bathurst can be great for two so long as you don't go during Summer or Winter-licious. The restaurant is "nice" but with a fun, relaxed atmosphere (who said romantic == stuffy?). Service is stellar. The front patio has some beautiful tables, and inside there are curtained "snug" tables designed for couples, if you're into that kinda thing. I've always really enjoyed the food, and I think there's only one main over $30, most are in the low $20s. Drinks will add up, though, because they are delicious.

        Rosebud on Queen West might come in just under your budget. Lots of mains in the $20s. Small bistro-ish place with a bit of an upscale vibe, and decent food.

        354 King St E, Toronto, ON M5A1K9, CA

        Southern Accent
        595 Markham St, Toronto, ON M6G2L7, CA

        669 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J1E6, CA

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        1. re: Gary

          I'll happily second Weezie's for being romantic and quite affordable both for food and wine. My two recent visits within the last month were both stellar. Book the table in the southeast corner for the best canoodling by candlelight with complimentary AND complementary view of the parkette.

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            Please do not waste you time or money at Southern Accents. Bad food, bad service and an ugly decor!


            Please read the feedback from Jamesm on his recent visit there.... The report it typical.

          2. Fressen. It is vegan, but incredibly romantic with delicious food tapas-style and it won't break the budget.


            1. i really like pomegranate at bathurst and college, very cute resto, great food, but i dont think they serve drinks

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                drinks aren't 100% needed.. we'll probably be skipping the alcohol @ dinner, maybe even the night due to other reasons!

                i'll check out some of these places... knowing drinks isn't a 100% needed must, any other recommendations?