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Aug 15, 2009 07:10 PM

Wild Atlantic Salmon at Hudson House River Inn?

My husband and I went to the Hudson House River Inn last night. The waitress said one of the specials was "Wild Atlantic Salmon with a mustard sauce..." Now, I knew Atlantic Salmon was practically extinct so I asked her if she was sure it was wild. She said yes. I asked her to check with the chef and she said she was sure it was wild because she had asked for other patrons. I figured maybe the restaurant had some rare link to some legally caught wild Atlantic Salmon or had it flown in from Norway or something, so I ordered it. But now, having looked on the internet and confirmed my assumption that the stuff is like impossible to buy, I'm thinking the waitress was just confused or she shined me on because she didn't want to go through the trouble of checking with the kitchen. So my question to you is, is such a thing as Wild Atlantic Salmon possible in a NY restaurant? Either way, it was delicious, but if it hadn't been for the thought of ordering something I'd never had before, I would have had a steak...

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  1. Per
    There is just about zero, if not zero %, to have an Fresh Atlantic Samon. Or at least the amount needed to supply a restaurant.
    Many others, just not Atlantic.
    The site above is one of three handy to have around to answer questions about fish.
    Fish Watch: U.S. Seafood Facts from NOAA

    Seafood Watch:

    Seafood Safe:

    My hunch is that someone may have really meant to say Pacific/Alaskian as that is now on the market here.
    Sockeye comes to mind-I just bought some for dinner Sunday.

    1. I'm wondering if it was farm raised. That has happened to me in restaurants, they have claimed that fish was wild when it wasn't. I saw a special on the news where they actually took the fish from several restaurants and tested it, it seems to be a common practice that they just slap the wild part into the menu. BTW, where is the Hudson House River Inn?

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        My local fish market also claims its salmon is "wild atlantic". In all fairness, the waitress was probably fact, the restaurant itself may have sincerely believed it had wild atlantic salmon, and the wholesaler was the liar. A study printed in the NY Times a few years ago showed that the worst of many fraudulent sources of "wild" salmon was Slavin...the biggest wholesaler of kosher fish in NYC, if not the entire NY metro area. The wild salmon was the usual farmed salmon. Supermarkets are worse...not only have I seen the salmon labeled as "wild Canadian" (at $4.99/lb?) but "wild Canadian" tilapia.....

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          Hi GIOny-- Hudson House river in is right on the Hudson in Cold Spring NY. You can take the Metro-North train there -- the restaurant is just a few feet from the train station. There's a lovely view of the water & surrounding mountains and you can make a day of it by walking up and down the main street and looking at the shops/antique stores. Here's the web site:

          1. re: RickiG

            Thanks for the info RickiG. Now I realize where it is, I have been there once, maybe twice, it's been awhile though, and it's funny you mentioned the train because that's exactly what we did, we took the train up and walked around Cold Spring, what a lovely town.

        2. Ricki - it is my understanding, for some time now, that
          Atlantic Salmon is always "farm raised".
          I'm not sure, but willing to bet, that "Wild Atlantic Salmon" is also farm raised.

          Restaurants & supermarkets seem to take liberties in their favor when describing salmon.

          1. Having re-read the OP's,RickiG, comment I still have to wonder if the "mis"-communication was over location alone.
            As I was not there, I can only go by what I know and what I can read in post. The waitress said, twice, that it was wild.
            So was Atlantic replaced for Alaskan?
            And from my experience, while stores may not always know, most Chefs do know where items come from/availible from.

            And the Sockeye I had was just perfect.

            1. Thank you everyone for your thoughtful and informative replies!