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Aug 15, 2009 06:47 PM

Upscale Chinese in Baltimore?

After searching the board, it looks to me like most recommendations for good Chinese restaurants suggest shifiting gears and finding somewhere else instead, but it seems like it's worth a shot so here goes.... I'm looking for a nice Chinese restaurant to take out a few colleagues -- preferably upscale, and somewhere in Baltimore although I would consider the suburbs as well. I'd be willing to consider some other cuisine, although Chinese was specifically requested, so something at least vaguely Asian would be great. Any thoughts? Thanks very much!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Szechuan House in Timonium

    2. The most "upscale" Asian I can think of in Baltimore right now would be Roy's Hawaiian Fusion in Harbor East.

      1. As others have implied, your best bet within Baltimore, upscale or otherwise, is to drop back to Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, or Pan-Asian, and do a board search for prior threads for lists of the usual suspects. If good Chinese, upscale or otherwise, is the only option acceptable to your guests, you're probably heading elsewhere. It certainly isn't anywhere in Baltimore.

        When it comes to "good" Chinese in the immediate area, the best options (Hunan Legend's "secret menu" and Grace Garden) are more "Mom and Pop" than "upscale", though of the two, Hunan Legend has a bit more ambiance, and is almost as good on the food as Grace Garden. There are extensive threads on both on this board.

        1. Is it more important that the restaurant be upscale or that it have good Chinese food?

          And, if your definition of Asian food includes the subcontinent, you may want to consider Ambassador Dining Room for Indian. Lovely setting. Forgettable food.

          1. If you are willing to travel to Hunt Valley, I've been to Jesse Wong's kitchen 3 or 4 times in as many years (most recently a few months ago) and have had very good experiences there (perhaps in contrast to other restaurants in Baltimore proper).

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              Jes, here is an idea. Since most of us here will all agree that Chinese in Bmore is pretty wishy-washy, you could always TRY a place for lunch, which won't break your budget, get a feel for the place, decor, looks, staff, maybe some recommendations, some of the food etc, then if you like, make a reservation for that night. OR, go the day/week before and take home a menu to study! Also, usually some of the items on the Lunch Menu are much, much less expensive than on the Dinner Menu..