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Aug 15, 2009 06:32 PM

Spanish language cooking shows?

Sorry mods, after posting this I realized it should probably be in Not About Food.

I am currently attempting to become proficient in Spanish through self study. I studied a little big a few years ago at university, but wasn't serious about the language. However after traveling a bit and also realizing its usefulness in this country (US), I have been really motivated to move up from baby talk level. Right now I'm looking for native resources to compliment my grammar books. Because cooking is one of my biggest hobbies I am on the look out for cooking shows, or TV shows about food, that are in Spanish. I haven't come across any on Univision or Telemundo, but perhaps I'm checking at the wrong time? How about online? I like José Andrés and he has some short videos on his website from his show. Unfortunately the Spanish videos are dubbed over the English original so I don't get to learn anything.

Is anyone able to recommend a source to stream or download Spanish cooking shows? Even with the name of a show I might be able to track it down on the interwebs. Or a good Spanish blog about food could be helpful for reading.

Thanks in advance hounds

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  1. PBS Vme is a Spanish language channel
    It has various cooking shows. Some are voice overs for FN shows, others appear to be Spanish language originals

    1. The food network here in Latin America is el gourmet ( There are a lot of different shows. Some are really good, others not. Shows from Venezuela, Mexico, (too many from) Argentina, and elsewhere in Latin America.

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      1. re: Sam Fujisaka

        Vme is carrying a hour or so that el gourmet each day.

      2. Thanks to both of you. I didn't even know of PBS Vme, but it turns out that my cable provider carries it. Score.

        To answer your question Sam, looking at the programming schedule for this week here are some of the programs that are shown:

        Donato Cucina (Italian)
        Sumo Placer (Asian from Venezuela)
        Recetas en Cadena
        All'Uso Nostro (Italian, again)
        ABC Sopas y Guisos (Soups and stews)
        Pastelerí (Pastries in México)

        Do you have any favorites?

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          Of the above, Sumo is great (albeit some but not all Asian). Donato is great as well - a pasta and Italian food magician. The "ABC" shows are very technical and generally good. There is a skinny Japanese guy who lives in Argentina - OK cooking (but combine the heavy Japanese accent with the worst of Argentine Spanish and you'll have an interesting time as you learn Spanish). The Mexican chefs are almost always very good.