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Aug 15, 2009 06:03 PM

Looking for Vegetarian Restaurants - or Vegetarian Friendly

I'm from Los Angeles, but visit my mother in Cote St. Luc. I find it challenging finding vegetarian and vegetarian friendly (eg tofu) restaurants. Firstly Cote St. Luc itself has limited selections. We go to Monkland, St. Denis, all over.

I've been to Yuan a bunch of times. Been to Chucha (?) on St. Denis.

Been to the chinese restaurant on Decarie near Cote St. Road.

Looking for new places - also, coming from LA, I find restaurant prices high in Montreal, and with the current recession in the US, there are deals/ coupons/ promos galore.

Will be in Montreal next week and looking for good/ value-priced vegetarian and vegetarian-friendly restaurants.

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  1. There's always Le Commensal, a vegetarian chain of restaurants (buffet) where you pay by the weight of the items on your plate. It could be more or less expensive, depending on what you choose (you'll pay the same for an avocado and a potato).
    Since you already know about ChuChai, I'll also mention Le Petit Alep (vegetarian-friendly, wonderful food) and MeatMarket (despite the name, quite vegetarian-friendly as well).
    There are more, of course, those are just the first to pop into my head.

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      If you like Indian, Pushap on Pare near Decarie is exclusively vegetarian, delicious and cheap.

    2. East Indian is always very veggie-friendly. We love the restos on Jean-Talon in Parc-Extension. I really love Moti Mehal, and Halal 786 (? I can never exactly remember the numbers). There is a lot of meat dishes, but there is also an excellent selection of vegetarian dishes too. And if you eat fish, the fish is good at both places.

      1. Santropol on St-Urbain comes to mind. It's a great lunch place with lots of sandwich options, IMO. Very nice terrace. Highly recommended for lunch.

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          In my opinion, the best vegetarian restaurant in montreal is aux vivres on st-laurent. not super-cheap considering the food is quite simple, but it's fresh and delicious and the atmosphere is clean and pleasant.

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            Went to this vegetarian resto yesterday Bonnys on Notre Dame between Guy and Atwater (south side). Very healthy (a little too much for my carnivorous, fatty tastes), cute decor, good prices. They have veggie and vegan options and a "yoga/LA vibe"


        2. This might prove too late, but here's something I just came across: a pretty good list of vegetarian restaurants in Montreal by the Montreal News blogger: