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Aug 15, 2009 05:23 PM

Nova Scotia dining thus far...

I'm spending a week travelling from Lunenburg N.S., to Louisbourg and along the Cabot Trail. I couldn't find a lot of info on good eats in places outside of Sydney & Halifax when I was looking through the previous posts so I thought I'd report on my findings to help the next person along!
Lunenburg: Had lunch at Sweet Indulgence at 242 Lincoln St. The lobster roll was very good - full of lobster and light on the filler. The mushroom & orzo soup was chock-full of mushrooms and very good! I don't know how we resisted the baked goods because they all looked spectacular.
Louisbourg: The Grubsteak was highly recommended to us but we found it well, ok, I guess. I wouldn't go back. I think they were short-staffed as the waitresses were fairly harried. My dining companion (D.C.) had the meat loaf and I had a burger. There were more elaborate items (shrimp & scallop flambe) on the menu but we thought that we'd stick with the basics. The menu said that the burger came with veggies and fries but what I got were 3 pieces of greens and a half plate of fried potatoes. D.C. said the meat loaf was serviceable.
The next night we went to the Lobster Kettle. Even though it was a bit chilly we ate outside on the deck with a nice view of the Louisbourg Harbour and the Fortress. D.C. had the lobster and said that it was the best he's ever had, very fresh, juicy and tender. He also had the hamburger soup which he found disappointing. I had chowder and scallops. The chowder was one of the best I've ever had - full of tasty seafood and light on the potato. The scallops were ok, in a mushroom sauce. Both of our meals came with the all-you-can-eat salad bar which included the usual items.

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    Fortress of Louisbourg: We ate at the "middle-class" restaurant, Hotel de la Marine (Building #44 on the Fortress map) and it was really good. We both had the veg soup which was surprisingly tasty and full of root veg. D.C. had the turkey pie - which came with real, honest-to-goodness gravy! The apple tart was ok, a shortcrust with some apple & cinnamon pie filling.
    Cape Breton Island
    Had lunch at the Clucking Hen Cafe in Indian Brook and I'd recommend it. D.C. had the lobster sandwich and I had egg salad. Both sandwiches were on thickly cut whole wheat bread and were full of filling. Good solid sandwiches. The bakery treats looked fantastic as well but I was saving myself for dinner.

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      Cape North: dinner at Angie's Restaurant. We both ordered chowder; D.C. ordered a half bowl of Angie's chowder as a starter, I ordered a full bowl of Seafood chowder as a main along with a green salad. D.C. had the scallops as his main course and said they were interesting and tasty. My green salad was a nice one - a big pile of mesclun with some tomato, green pepper & mushrooms added as well. otoh, I don't recommend the chowder. I asked why (size aside) our two different (and differently priced!) chowders looked exactly the same and was told there was only one kind of chowder available - the seafood chowder. I think that we ought to have been told that when we ordered. When I asked (as politely as I could) where was the seafood in my seafood chowder (because I surely couldn't see anything except some pink flecks (shrimp flecks?) and stringy bits that might have been fish) the waitress went to the kitchen, came back and reported that the seafood was in there, it just all looks the same after it's cooked. Ah. That must be it. However, in any case what we got was a bowl full of potatoes and about a half of a bowl of creamy base and fishy bits. I know because I fished all of the potato pieces out and a big mound they made too. I get that there is potato in chowder. I just don't think it's right to charge $11 (!!!) for a bowl of what is essentially potato soup & a bun. There were 3 or 4 other tables of customers while we were eating and to be fair, they all looked as if they were enjoying their meals. I think they didn't order the chowder.
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        Cheticamp: Co-op Artisanale Acadian Restaurant. dh had one of the specialites, the stewed chicken dinner and he loved it. The chicken was falling off the bone and very tender. It was served with mashed, veg and its own gravy. The restaurant also serves regular standards but we recommend the acadian specialities.

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          We'll be heading to NS in a couple of weeks. Your posts have been so helpful. Thank you.