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Aug 15, 2009 04:19 PM

Want to make Fried Green Tomatoes

Would love to make them but haven't seen them for sale in Toronto/Mississauga area. A vendor at the Streetsville Farmers Market suggested I look "later in the summer" about 3 weeks ago.

Can anyone tell me where to buy green tomatoes? Tx

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  1. With some trepidation, I'll suggest the Square One market tomorrow morning. It's slipped, quality-wise, in the past few years and seems to be circling the drain this year--buskers, coffee sellers, herbal medicines, poor quality fruit, and way too many Food Terminal resellers aren't good signs. That said, there are a few small-time tomato sellers that might be able to help. Typically, though, green tomatoes are a very late summer item, especially this season.

    1. Any friendly neighbor with a garden would succumb to southern charm and donate a few, especially if you share the dish. There are loads of green tomatoes this year!
      Or, you can look for a roadside stand, usually selling corn , tomatoes and cukes from their farm, and put in an order. There's sure to be a few in Mississauga or Peel,

      1. towards the end of the season (like, september-ish if i remember correctly) you can buy green tomatoes by the basket from a couple of vendors at the st. lawrence market (the north market, specifically). not terribly close to mississauga, but it would be a reliable source.

        1. I might suggest you ask at a Farmers Market and set up a buy for the following week. I would imagine there's not a big need for green tomatoes in the GTA but if you're willing to commit, they may bring you a basket the next time.

          Where do you live??


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          1. re: Davwud

            I live near the Eastgate parkway and Tomken. Is there a farmers market in my area? Streetsville one is small with not many vendors and the St Lawrence market seems a bit far. Another poster suggested roadside stands, but I haven't seen any of those and not sure where to look.

            1. re: South Carolina Girl

              Sherway Gardens I believe has one and some one can confirm/correct this but Miss Sq. 1??

              Anyway, that's how I'd do it. I may have to. Mrs. Sippi would love that.

              As an aside, they sell a coating mix at Bass Pro which would be perfect for it. We went in one day not long ago and they were having a catfish sampling using the batter mix. Mrs. Sippi wouldn't leave.


              1. re: Davwud

                Will search for Sherway Gardens, thanks.

                No need for a special batter mix, Davwud...your pantry items will do just fine. Slice the tomatoes kind of thick (just over 1/2 an inch) and dredge in egg then flour, s and p. The tartness of the tomato and the sweetness from the frying is a perfect combo. BTW, fry catfish the same way. You'll love it!

                1. re: South Carolina Girl

                  Sherway Gardens farmers market is on friday mornings.

              2. re: South Carolina Girl

                There's Square One, usually better on Friday than Sunday.There's also a market in downtown Brampton on Saturdays till 1pm.

                1. re: South Carolina Girl

                  Etobicoke farmers market @ the old Etobicoke city hall (Burnhamthorpe + 427) on saturdays...

                2. re: Davwud

                  So I hit the Square One farmers market yesterday and found a local farmer willing to bring me some green tomatoes tomorrow. While I was there I picked up 6 ears of the sweetest most tender corn I've had EVER. The sign said "picked today" and I believe fresh. At the same stand I found some tender green beans too, and that's what the BF and I had for dinner last night; fresh corn, steamed beans and a couple of gin and tonics. Yum.

                  Now I just have to decide what to have with my fried green tomatoes tomorrow. And just to get your palette watered, and mine too, I'm taking suggestions.

                  1. re: South Carolina Girl

                    Ham. Unfortunately, not easy to find a good country ham 'round these parts.


                    1. re: South Carolina Girl

                      I was on the same hunt today and one of the vendors at St. Lawrence agreed to bring them to Liberty Village tomorrow for me.
                      I love them for breakfast. I cut up a few slices of good bacon and cook it slowly. When its almost done I fry thick slices of green tomato in the fat. When they're done, I push the bacon and the tomato slices to the edge of the pan and fry an egg sunny side up. I pile it all on a slice of toast and enjoy. I don't bother with the egg and breadcrumb routine, but I know some people prefer their green tomatoes that way.

                      1. re: South Carolina Girl

                        Please keep this thread focused on where to find green tomatoes. Any recipes belong on the Home Cooking board. Thanks!