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Aug 15, 2009 04:07 PM

Good LORD how long does a pomegranate stay good?

My garbage disposer was smelling a little funky, so I went to the fruit drawer in the fridge to find something to clean it out (great tip, by the way -- lime rinds work best, I've found).

I discovered a somewhat-withered looking pomegranate at the back, and remembered I'd bought it to make a gravy for the Thanksgiving turkey before a last-minute change of plans scuttled that.

Firm skin, should work well to clean the disposer. Grabbed a knife to chop it in half, and discovered that this nine-month-old (at least!) fruit was juicy and flavorful as I'd expect from one I bought today.

Now, I know this hideous almond-and-walnut fridge I inherited with the house has amazingly good produce drawers -- but this seems impossible to me.

How the heck long do these things normally last? This one looks like it'd be right up there with canned beans and Twinkies.

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  1. Usually pommegranates dry out and shrive rather than go bad ... unless there's a cut in the skin then they can mold. The fridge probably gave it enough moisture to keep it from withering. My fridge will keep oranges in the crisper drawer about six months ... never tested it longer than the orange I bought at Christmas and ate in June. The thicker the skin, the more likely they will keep a while.