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Aug 15, 2009 03:54 PM

HELP! Killed a wild what?

Our Sat. morning cycling plans got postponed by the sight of two wild boar tilling up the pasture right behind the yard. Husband shot one, he thinks it exceeds 300 pounds (and was the smaller of the two.) I wanted to "put a pig in the ground and some beer on ice" but unfortunately, Hank gives no further instructions.

So, now I have two huge loins and de-boned hams to deal with. They are currently in the fridge downstairs, unwrapped. With deer, we always let the meat age in the fridge for about a week before final butchering and eating and wrapping for the freezer. What about this stuff? Any ideas?

If hanging/aging is not the protocol for wild hog, then I would go ahead and eat it tomorrow night. I'm going to assume I need to marinade it. The meat looks pretty good and the fat is white, not yellow. Can I just roast a loin lowand slow, or must I braise?

And how shall I turn the ham into wild pulled pork?

I'd love to hear any tips from those w/ experience...this is our first wild hog. Oh, and if anyone has suggestions regarding the whole pig in the ground thing, I'll take those too...because if his friend comes back, we could get a do-over.

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  1. These look like some chow-worthy recipes. ;) Good luck!

    1. A lot of the lower cuts of wild bore tend to end up in sausages.

      It is still pork, treat it that way. The lean upper cuts will need less cooking and attention than the tougher lowers.

      There are also plenty of vids on this sight for curing bacon, pancetta, etc.

      1. Here is another interesting site that includes some youtube videos on cooking wild boar.

        1. Yikes! Isn't the the "Help!" part before they're killed? :-)

          I haven't ever had any raw boar to cook, but what I've eaten has been slowly braised, meltingly tender deliciousness. Hope yours is just as good!

          1. There's a lot to be said about roasting a pig in the ground. I think this site is about as good as they get for providing the necessary instructions:
            Pulled pork? Sure. My son kills three or four wild boar every year to I end up with a lot of the meat. I simply slow roast it, just like I would with a domestic pork butt, to make pulled pork. It's terrific.
            My son also makes sausage (combining duck and wild boar) that's exceptionally good but I don't know how he processes the stuff; I just get to eat it.
            Best of luck with nailing the other one in your "do-over". Once you've gotten acquainted with wild boar meat you'll want to have it as a regular part of your menu.