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Aug 15, 2009 02:55 PM

Classic waffle maker?

I'm looking for a classic waffle maker--everything I see are Belgian waffle makers. Back in the 80s I used to enjoy waffles that were thin and had lots of holes. I've only seen the one Cuisinart one; but, I really didn't like that one. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. I'm in the same hole- finding a traditional, smaller-holed wafflemaker has been like finding a needle in a haystack! VERY frustrating. I've been searching secondhand stores in my town, still nada.
    I actually don't enjoy Belgian-sized waffles much at all. Give me the smaller holes any day.

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      I'll bet you'd do well at yard/garage sales or on Craig's List. Or just check Amazon.

    2. I have this one (it's by cuisinart, but not sure why you don't like them):

      Anyway, I love it. Really, really love it. Big enough for a crowd - small enough for me alone. Also, cooks evenly, no stick - what's not to love?

      1. bla4free: "...enjoy waffles that were thin and had lots of holes."

        All styles: you choose the one you like.

        1. As a matter of fact, I do: good ol' Black & Decker. I'm not a fan of much of their product line, but they make a mean waffle maker. My mom got one decades ago, and the one I bought looks identical except for the updated B&D logo. I found mine at an Ace Hardware for $50, and it works great. Note that Ace Hardware stores independently decide what they stock; call ahead to make sure they carry it. Villaware does make a classic waffle maker, but when I tried it the waffles didn't cook evenly: There was a dark circle in the middle inside the heating element, while the area outside the element was pale and undercooked. For a whopping $90, I expected it to at least cook the darn waffles right.

          1. I just bought an All-Clad waffle maker at Williams-Sonoma. It's easy to use and makes perfect classic waffles. It's on sale at $129.95 and you get a $30 gift card back.