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Aug 15, 2009 02:44 PM

Presto Electric Skillet - any suggestions?

My wife throws a hissy fit whenever I cook bacon or sausage in the house...says it smells it up. I say, yes, in a good way. She goes around throwing open windows, fanning the air, lighting candles. I finally got a 16 inche Presto electric skillet to use on the back patio.. Anyone used one or familiar with them ?
Any suggestions on cooking in them? thanks

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  1. I can not comment on your particular skillet, but I also use my more vintage (probably 25 years old) electric skillets for outdoors shallow frying and similar "smelly" apps. It is a pretty straight forward cooking process. Let it get up to temp (mine just has a simple light). Learn to know your skillet, if it runs hotter or cooler than you expect, so you can adjust the temp. Just like an electric stove top, the heat will hold for a while after you turn it down, so take that into consideration. Have fun.

    1. My gas grill on the deck just off the kitchen does bacon just the way I like it, nice and crispy. And as long as I have it fired up I throw on some garlic and veggies for roasting. If you are doing bacon for breakfast think about grilling some fruit with it.

      1. Check the book on this, but you probably want to set the temperature at 350. At first use, you want to watch for hot spots. You may have to move stuff around to keep some from burning and some from being raw.