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Aug 15, 2009 02:34 PM

Boba tea (Dallas)

I used to live in Abluquerque NM and loved to get smoothies at this chain place called Boba tea. I now live in dallas and wonder if anyone can recommend a good boba tea place. Also my girlfriend hates the "bobas" that accompany this drink and we were curious if anyone wanted to express their opion on the subject of these funny drink additions.

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  1. There are places to go for boba all over town, so it would also be helpful to post which area of Dallas you're looking for recommendations. My favorite places are Teahouse in Saigon Mall off Jupiter/Belt Line (Richardson) and while I know though La Me specializes in banh mi, I like their drinks too. They're on Walnut/Audelia in Garland.

    1. Thanks a bunch for the suggestions Air. I live in the Belmont Heights area (just off 75 and Mockingbird).

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        I believe you are too close to downtown to enjoy great boba selections: Richardson, Plano, Arlington and southern Garland are the best locations. In your neck of the woods, you will have to explore local vietnamese restaurants for such offerings with your meals.

      2. Fat Straws is the best boba place in Dallas. I usually get the avocado smoothie or the thai tea. The closest one to you would be the location next to the Galleria. It's a bit far, but you could always do some shopping while enjoying your drink.

        I think Teahouse's smoothies taste weird because of the powdered milk they use. Sorry to disagree with dfwdean, but local Vietnamese restaurants do not make good boba drinks. Another reason why I like Fat Straws is that they exclusively sell tea and boba drinks. If they're relying exclusively on one product for their business, it's got to be good.

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          I second the Fat Straws recommendation. The "bubbles" are just right, not too firm and not too soft. The green and black tea-based drinks tend to be heavy on the fruit juice or syrup or whatever, so if you like more tea flavor and less sweetness (as I do), just ask for your drink to be made less sweet than normal.

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            Fat Straws is the closest spot to the OP but there's no way the best boba in Dallas would be found in an area like West Plano or the Galleria. They're the Starbucks of bubble tea, not that good and it's overpriced. Both Teahouse and Fat Straws use powder for just about everything, so when you also take into account the premium behind a drink at Fat Straws, Teahouse offers a much better deal. I also typically ask for no tapioca or some kind of pudding/jelly here, be warned that their tapioca doesn't stand up to the cold and ends up being frozen balls.

            Quality ingredients would be the most important factor for me, so I'd only go to Teahouse if I'm looking for something outside of La Me's small menu, where every single drink is made using fresh fruit. The only other places who also use real fruit (that I know of) are Boba Latte and the smoothie place in the back corner of the food court in Saigon Mall. And a fun fact, QQ Cafe was the sole place in the metroplex where I found taro milk tea which had real taro, but they are long gone.

            Besides the fresh fruits, the drinks at La Me are also special because of the tapioca. Sure it's not too firm/soft, but it's clear that the tapioca has been soaked in honey and has much more flavor compared to the bland stuff at Fat Straws. The tapioca at Boba Latte can be comparable, but it is hit or miss, while La Me is fairly consistent all around. And let's just say I only go to that place in the food court if I'm feeling brave that day, I'll walk away from there with something very good, or something .. interesting.

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              Agreed, I really disliked the flavor of the powders at Fat Straws. Boba Latte is our favorite, although King's Noodle has stepped up the beverage offerings so we don't always make it across the street. The smoothies at Boba Latte are worth checking out, too, esp. since the OP's girlfriend doesn't like the pearls.

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                thanks, air, i appreciate your clarification. i think Fat Straws is pretty terrible, and have been confused by all the praise for it
                i haven't been to La Me, will have to try it.
                Boba Latte is convenient to me, and as you say, they use fresh fruit and do a nice job on their drinks, so that's been my go-to spot

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                  I should also clarify further in case anyone interested in La Me has allergies. When I say limited, they have 4 or 5 drinks that rotate based on what is in season. If I recall correctly right now they have avocado, mango, strawberry, and durian. And of course don't forget about the banh mi!

                  babar also made a good point about King's Noodles. I really like their mung bean drink. What other options do they have now?

                  Has anyone been to Bethany Cafe (Arlington) lately? I also like the boba there and I hope they are doing fine.

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                  I'll have to try La Me when I'm out Garland way. Thus far the boba tea I've had at Vietnamese restaurants has been very disappointing, with mushy tapioca pearls and sweet, boring tea. I look forward to finding a good, real fruit boba tea.

            2. There is actually a place called "Boba Tea" right down the road from me in Valley Ranch. Its next door to I Love Pho and may or may not be part of the chain that you loved. It is about 1 block north of 635 on Macarthur. I have never been there so I cant vouch for it.

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                I've been there. They are a Lollicup franchise with the smiling happy yellow sunflower logo. So you can expect similar drinks to the Lollicup which formerly occupied the space below Kirin Court. I like their pudding milk tea, it's just basic milk tea with some pudding.

              2. absolute best bubble tea in Dallas is Fruitealicious, Keller Springs & Josey in Carrollton. Perfect. I actually prefer the icy fruit smoothie-style drinks... their Mango Strawberry is amazing, has chunks of fresh fruit in it. Their tapioca pearls are unparalleled in quality, they're always the perfect chewy consistency.

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                  I drive by this place all the time but have hesitated to give it a shot considering my experiences with bubble tea outside areas like Richardson/Garland or Bellaire (in Houston). It's led me to be pretty picky about boba. Though I can see how Fruitealicious may be the pioneer in the area, ever since places like Carrollton Plaza and H-Mart brought massive injections of Asian influence around Carrollton over the past year and a half.

                  Thanks for posting that they do use fresh fruit. Maybe if I'm lucky they'll use real taro...

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                    Yeah I am on the same band wagon as Whitknee... The Tapioca there is insanely good. I've lived in NY all my life and have been to Taiwan many times and I have to tell ya that Fruitealicious is better than everything I've tried except one place in Taiwan. The bubbles are definitely soaked in honey and are always fresh.

                    They also use Ten Ren tea... which is the best tea in China. Their fruit chillers all have bits of fruit it in. I prefer going here because when you walk in it's cleaner and refreshing versus the places in Richardson where it feels like your grandma decided to open up a bubble tea shop. you never know what it looks like behind the scenes.