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Aug 15, 2009 02:30 PM

JKWB-Janie Kennedy Wine Bar-Anyone Go Recently?

I read that JK had to close his venue at the Gardiner and was wondering if anyone has been to the Wine Bar recently... It's been a favorite of mine for the past couple and I was wondering if there are any changes since the financial troubles because I wanted to go there when family visits next week. Thanks!

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  1. I went last week, and it was a delicious experience. I can't comment on whether it's changed, since this was my first visit, but I certainly hope to be back. Two things deserving of special mention: One, our waiter and the kitchen staff went out of their way to make sure that the vegetarian-looking items on the menu really were vegetarian and then to suggest extra items not on the menu if we wanted more selection (and we didn't ask them to do this, just mentioned that we were interested in sampling the vegetarian options), and two, JK himself brought us our frites with an elegant little French announcement, "les frites arrivent".

    1. i was there a few weeks back and the menu is consistent in the style that i've expected of jkwb. i think that the menu is a touch more expensive though by maybe about $1 or $2 on some dishes but i'm not sure if that's just a faulty memory.

      the cooking though is excellent and probably the best it has been. i was able to sample some really interesting and stunning whites there as well. one dish that is currently getting the raves is a fried perch, texturally perfect and very delicious and delicate.

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        The fried perch wasn't there when I was there a few weeks back :( BUT did have an order of the excellent battered smelt. YUM

        there was an austrian white by LETH winery there that is unreal as well.. double YUM

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          That's the Roter Veltliner by Leth, Wagram, Austria... delicious. Yes.