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Aug 15, 2009 02:27 PM

Las Vegas off strip bar food

before i strat let me say yes i did do a search but all the posts were several years old or for tourists who dont want to leave the strip.

with that being said i am looking for some good places to grab some good bar food with a beer around town. i dont really care where it is but i am looking for classic greasy dive joints to more fusion menus. not looking for anyplace where an attitude is required. i've had the burgers at kilroys the wings at lodge and thats what im looking for. just want to hear about the other places people go to that i may have driven by and missed.

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  1. kilroys is a great spot for the tasty burger, some nice salt/pepper fries and an ice cold one. a little farther west - just off charleston - i believe on durango ( or is it fort apache ) - i like martini's - the kobe sliders work for me, with a heap of home made chips and of course, if you are a martini fan .... they are on and usually have some decent martini specials ( funny thing is , i don't drink martini's )

    how about the mexican place just a little farther up on mt charelston - again, name escapes me - i believe on or near the corner of rampart and mt. C - they usually have 25 cent tacos during happy hour - of course a lil on the smaller side , but come on - a quarter !!!
    how about big dogs on sahara ? - also have sliders and what surprise - 'dogs !

    happy eating !

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      are you thinking of agave? its on charleston and pavillion center. 25cent tacos during happy hour small but mighty in flavor. they also have a mariachi band in the lot. food is a lil pricey but the burrito i saw was easily 3 lbs and looked pretty amazing.

      i am not a fan of martinis but when in rome you know. i will definately have to check out hose sliders thanks!

      awwww big dogs... the bratzel alone!!!! that thing probably keeps half the west side cardioligists in business.

    2. Goldfingers on Pyle (fairly close to the South Point) is great. Great bar food, and the bartenders on graveyard are nice guys. Their steak and eggs special is outstanding, they marinate the skirt-steak in a Mexican-inspired concotion that makes it not only quite tasty, but very tender.

      Village pubs are great for fish and chips, and their home-brewed root beer is tops.

      Steiners pub -can- be very good, but it's not been consistant for me. They do make a killer buffalo shrimp app that I get pretty much everyone addicted to.

      Shucks on Eastern and Serene is a dive bar that specializes in fish. The one time I ordered the house clam chowder (it was 1am) it was horrible. Bottom of the pot, gluey and waay too salty, not to mention FISHY. Yuck. Nice divey feel to the place, tho.

      I eat at Goldfingers, more then the others- followed by Village pubs. Good value and good food with both.

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        this is what i am talking about, hw about a page for locals on here!

        i will try goldfingers ASAP

        I have driven by numerous village pubs. there is one in the area that i work in, i'll have to go for lunch one day. i always seem to go for the irish pubs instead like McMullin's.. if you havent already try their happy hour menu all is 2.99, the muscles are exceptional and its all homemade

        steiners is pretty good. their breakfast from 5am to a 7am is awesome at 1.99, 2 eggs choice of potato's, toast and choice of meat! they are probably the only joint i had to order a side of salad for my salad due to the lack of greens and abundance of toppings which is not a bad thing at all!

        i ate at sshucks once... a bit overpriced but i agree on the chowder and mine was around 6pm'ish how ever my wife did have the gumbo which was phenomenal. plus the fish tank that runs the bar is pretty damn cool.

        i definately look forward to trying goldfinger thanks!!

        B.T.W in the south point is a pretty good Jewish deli called del sur. its by the sports book. the matzo ball and bagel combo rivals my wifes chanukkah dinner.

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          i used to live near mcmullen's - love their potato chips ! good place. crown and anchor is worth a visit. village pub is ok by me gotta try the new bar/restaurant on rainbow near trop used to be hurricane's - that name escapes me - the memory is fading fast ! another pub cool to have a pint - sean patrick's .

          1. re: kjs

            I dont remember the name either but it is now a martini bar right?

            sean patricks is a good place all though moly malones is closer to my side of town and the 2 seem to be a mirror image. i dont know if sean's has it but the potato cheese soup in the sourdough bread bowl at molly's is stupid good.

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              OHYES!! McMullens is great! Their potato chips are addictive! My DH loves the prime rib sandwich with the horseradish mayo, and hey..their fish and chips have allways been top-notch in this town to me. Plus!? They have Strongbow Cider on tap, and that makes me even happier!
              I try to eat there when I visit the International Marketplace, since they are only a block away.