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Aug 15, 2009 02:04 PM

What's the big deal with the KOGI TRUCK? Long lines, but is it worth it?

I've seen video of the lines, and I have to admit the menu looks good, but wondering if it's really worth hunting down a truck...

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  1. Line wait varies by time/location. Last time I went was a week ago when they were near Sepulveda and Roscoe in the afternoon - around 12:30, less than 10 people in line.

    I personally wouldn't wait a long time unless they were a very short distance or one happens to be in the area - they make a regular stop about 3 miles from my house, and that's the only time I may go and get in line early.

      1. No,No No!. I wouldn't wait more than 5 minutes for the Kogi truck. It's good but not great and not worth the time.

        1. The people in line seem to think it's worth the wait.

          1. NO. We waited almost 50 minutes, not worth it. I didn't even think the food was that great. Heavy on the soy.