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Aug 15, 2009 01:43 PM

Cooked Lobster - pink and spongy - bad ?

I bought some lobsters from the supermarket and had them cook them for me. When I broke them up to extract the meat, one was a hard shell with a papery shell underneath. I figured that was fine, just not molted yet. But the meat of that lobster is totally differnt from lobster I've had before. It is pink, not white. The texture is spongy - solid but spongy maybe like semi-cooked liver. Is it okay to eat ? I'm thinking of bringing it back to the store.

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  1. the papery shell underneath is the new shell the lobster was growing - must have been about to shed the old one. that's nothing to worry about.

    as for the spongy texture, that may be either because they overcooked it OR because it was stored on ice for too long (translation: not so fresh). the pink color isn't really something to worry about - some lobster meat is actually pink (though AFAIK that's usually Caribbean lobster)...

    if the meat is so spongy that it's unpleasant to eat, or it has even the remotest hint of an off-odor or slimy texture, take it back to the store.