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Aug 15, 2009 01:32 PM

Is Boulevard the best restaurant in SF?

I am not a local, but I travel to beautiful San Francisco frequently. Boulevard has been, thus far, the best restaurant in which I have had the pleasure of dining.

Is there one better? I will be in town next week, and I'm ready to be blown away.

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  1. Take a look at this topic, and follow the internal links...

    BTW, I agree with you that Boulevard is quite good.

    1. Where else have you eaten? I don't think anyplace else beats Boulevard at its own particular game.

      1. While Boulevard is in the top rank of appetizer / entree restaurants, occasionally the place misfires for me - to the point where I haven't been back in a few years. Restaurants considered notably better tend to be tasting menu restaurants, like Coi or the dining room at the Ritz. I would guess Boulevard would be in most people's top 20 (taking the city proper only), I doubt it would be #1 on almost any list.

        Consider starting your research with the Michelin list. While not perfect, it'll give some ideas of what to search for, and let your reading branch out from there.

        1. I do not think any one could claim that Boulevard is the best restaurant in San Francisco. Even if you just use Zagat, The Chron and Michelin as guides, there are quite a few that out rank Boulevard in each.

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          1. re: chefj

            I think every restaurant that comes in highly ranked on such lists has customers who would say it's the best in town. That's an utterly subjective judgment.

            Zuni Cafe is the best restaurant in SF, but someone who thinks Boulevard is tops probably wouldn't agree with me.

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              Boulevard & Zuni - 2 of my top 3 fave restaurants in SF! My 3rd is currently Chez Papa (Mint Plaza).

          2. Where else have you been and why do you consider it the best? Is it the food, the service, the martini's or all of the above?

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            1. re: wolfe

              I do not think that I can name you a best. There are many great restaurants in the city.
              If I was looking to be "blown away" as the poster said I would suggest , Spruce,Coi or Ame. I really do not have the time right now to explain what it is about each, and Coi is not my cup of tea, but all of these restaurants are more adventurous , seasonal and have a higher level of culinary craft. Of course this is my opinion.