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Aug 15, 2009 12:58 PM

Atmosphere at Eurasian Eatery in Red Bank NJ

We are considering going to the Eurasian Eatery in Red Bank tonight with another couple. Just wondering what the atmosphere is like .... we don't want anything too laid back, overly casual or a family type place. This is a night out away from the kids ... !

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  1. Have not been there in years, but I recall it as pretty much the definition of casual and laid back. Not particularly a family place, but in no way formal or fancy. Their website sums it up pretty well...

    1. A friend & I just had dinner there Wed night. I would describe the atmosphere as casual. Eurasian Eatery is a small restaurant with tables situated fairly close together and not the least bit young child friendly.

      The food is marvelous. We enjoyed the Curry Lasagna and the Eggplant Bake that night.
      Be sure to order their signature Mango Iced Tea! Enjoy!