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Steak in Calgary???

I need help to get a good steak in Calgary. Seems strange doesn't it? The steaks at Safeway, Co-op, Supestore and Costco are all just between bad and OK. Costco is probably the best and of course Safeway the worst. I've bought Hoven Beef at the Farmers Market and its great and really expensive. I've bought the best steaks I've had in Calgary at Mercato but $32lb to cook at home is not something I want to do on a regular basis. Are there any good butchers with fair prices in Calgary???

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  1. I don't know about fair prices, but Second to None Meats is pretty good. There's an old butcher that shut down his own shop and now works out of there named Leo. He's rather famous, as far as butchers go. I know he's disgusted with their "organic" prices, but we've gotten some good stuff from him. Not sure what he "officially" does there, though.

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      Thank You ...we will look up Leo up at Second to None Meats.
      Has all the really expensive beef I have been buying not been organic? Interestingly, I don't remember anyone claiming their beef was organic. What's the diff???

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        Beats me. My cynicism says the difference is solely the price.

        Try the London Broil. Just try it. Mmmm...

    2. Try Sobey's this week... $4.88 per lb T-Bones. :)

      We grilled up a couple of nice ones last night.

      1. As far as I know many stores and butchers get meat from the same abattoirs and thus the quality is pretty much the same everywhere. Generally when the meat (goes for beef, pork and lamb) is non-organic it all gets mixed into the processing so you might have some well cared for meat and some bad meat so it's the luck of the draw when you buy it from the stores.

        The only time things are different is when you buy directly from the farm (ie, Hoven) or from places that source directly from the farmers. It costs quite a bit more for the abbatoirs to keep certain animals separate in the processing so unless the farms can charge a premium (ie organic), they will let it get mixed. I have noticed that Costco does have better tasting beef for some reason though.

        1. Yes costco is the best out of 4. I had a good cut from bon ton not sure what grade they sell but it was same as costco but may cost more.

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            I've never had anything impressive from Bon Ton, it just seems like they've managed to market their meats better to sell for more money to consumers that are not as well educated. And their service is nothing great either.

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              All Costco beef is AAA, hence the better flavour with the better marbling. It is my go-to for most meat except when I want a gnarly piece to toss in the smoker then the cheapest is the best.

              A place to try, if you live in the south is http://hirschemeats.com/ in Okotoks. Look at the website and you'll probably want to make the trip. I certainly won't overpay for anything, but I did walk out with a few things, so they can't be too bad. But, I would never call their products inexpensive by any stretch.

            2. I haven't tried this place myself. I saw this ad in the current issue of City Palate. There's a place called Cornflower Ranch and apparently their beef is range-raised au naturel in the Turner Valley area without antibiotics or hormones. According to the post, the rib eye steaks go for $25.49/kg if you buy online. You can also get their product at the Millarville Farmer's market at the Route 40 Soup Co. Stall (although they didn't say what the prices are like there).

              Here's their website.. you can try giving them a call.


              1. Hey there,

                Having toured many of the slaughterhouses around Calgary / High river, I can tell you that not all grocers get their meat from the same place.

                I enjoy supporting small local businesses, and I get wonderful steaks, roasts, and chops at Calgary Meats (edmonton Trail). The prices end up being about the same as Safeway but much better quality.

                If you are more of a grocery store person, the slaughterhouse head-ups claim that Sobeys sells the best beef steaks in god-fearin Alabertia; I think the brand is Sterling Silver.

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                  Here is a great supplier of whole or partial cows....this is the second year in a row that we are buying them. we were really happy. just got a group of friends together and bought a cow!

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                    Sobeys does sell Sterling Silver beef, i have never been too impressed with sobeys selection however. I noticed during my last trip to co-op that they were also selling dry aged AAA behind the counter, which would be a good choice. The dry aged is harder to find than the wet aged which is what most stores carry. It was the downtown co-op, I'm not sure if it is available in all co-ops around Calgary.

                  2. Strange as it might seem - we've always had exceptional beef tenderloins from Superstore! I've bought from Bon Ton and spent a fortune - and then from Superstore, and thought that the meat was very similar but the price was much better.

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                      When I've had to feed a crowd, I've purchased the Striploins from Superstore. Chose the well-marbled ones, and marinated for a few hours. They were actually quite good. (choose only the marbled ones, the really lean looking ones are tough)

                    2. We've always had good luck with Horizon Meats in the NE