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Where to find soft shell crab?

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Hi guys,

Where can I find fresh soft shell crabs in Montreal? Are we to content ourselves with frozen ones only that sells for so expensively at the poissonerie?

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  1. If you want them fresh, I'm not sure, but Odaki offers all you can eat soft-shell crab on their a la carte menu.

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    1. re: afoodyear

      Ermm... just to be clear, I meant a volonte "buffet", not a la carte. Brain fart.

    2. Seeing fresh is a rare event in these parts.
      I was at the fish store in the Jean Talon market awhile back. They sold a box of soft shells for $20, cheap, no?
      Dunno if they still have 'em though.

      1. it's funny that you asked that. I went to buy some today, I get mine at Norref Poissonnerie ( 5min. bus from Metro Frontenac), it's the only place I know. And yes, it's frozen and crazy expensive.

        1. what about chinatown?

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            I've never seen fresh in chinatown markets.
            Now that I really think about it, I've only seen them fresh at Milos (they're billed as fresh, flown-in).
            You can ask to purchase them - but bring a credit card or a fat wallet.

            I think they're in season (on the east coast) from may to sept.

          2. Are soft shell crabs even in season, right now?

            1. You'll probably never see fresh soft shell crabs, but the frozen ones are just as good. You'll be able to find them in most Asian grocery stores, like Kim Phat or Hawaii.

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                I've seen baskets of live crabs at Kim Phat on Tashereau. Not sure they were soft shell (I recall they had blue tipped pincers)

                1. re: TheSnowpea

                  These are hard shell