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Aug 15, 2009 10:48 AM

A whole goat

I have done the search and I can not find the posts for a whole goat. I know I have seen them on here. Help! I need to buy a whole, uncooked goat. Thanks All.

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    1. I have seen them at halal butchers, so if you have a Middle Eastern market near you, I suspect you can order one from them.

      BB, you live somewhere on the West side, right? Somewhere near 26 Beach? << I kid you! That's a joke, son! Kid?

      Ahem. I don't know where a nearby halal butcher would be in that part of the world.

      For sure, I have seen whole goat hanging in the meat coolers at the Restaurant Depot / Jetro in Long Beach. RD is a wholesale place, but you can get a free membership provided you work for a nonprofit, or have a business license. Doesn't have to be a foodservice business, just some sort of biz license.

      Jetro + Restaurant Depot mega-combo-warehousezilla
      2350 E 68th St
      Long Beach, CA 90805-1728
      (562) 634-6771

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      1. re: Professor Salt

        Professor, your attempt at humor is no attempt. I live at 26 Beach, you old school Hound!

        1. re: Professor Salt

          I just called and they said they do not carry goat, thanks for the info anyway. As always you are a wealth of info and I hope to get to see you compete some day. Prof. S. living the BBQ dream! Hey and no more jokes about 26 Beach, I will have to force feed you the Party of 5 cheese burger if you keep that up.

          1. re: Burger Boy

            Well, sorry about that. I stopped in my tracks when I saw a dressed whole goat in their meat cooler one day, because it was so unusual. Could it have been a special order?

            Yeah ok, no more chiding about 26 Beach. :)

            1. re: Professor Salt

              Maybe I am asking for the wrong thing, maybe I need to ask for Chivo, I don't know, but I think I have enough leads for my friends father that it should be okay. Plus the Harvey Guss rec. Hey Professor, You can kid me all you want, I have learned so much from all the Old Hounds, I feel a bond, You, Chino, Bob and so many that go back 7 or 8 years. Rmember how friggin slow it was.....LOL Via con Dios Dr. of The Que!

              1. re: Burger Boy

                I just remebered there is this place in Avacado Hieght ob I think Proctor that has a sign the says "Se Vende puercos y chivos. " I'll take note of the address.

                1. re: SeaCook

                  Where is Avocado Heights? I have never heard of this area. Thanks

                  1. re: Burger Boy

                    It's an unincorparated area in L.A. county bordering on the City of Industry. Think of a Mexican border town set in an industrial park area. People ride their horses in the street and a driver has to look out for the occasional chicken in the road. A lot of livestock about. It's near Valley Blvd and the 605 fwy. Very tuck away.

                    I drive through it going home because it's a lot less traffic than Valley Blvd in the afternoon.

                    1. re: SeaCook

                      I know where that is, I once knew a lady who;s parents lived over there. Near Peck & Rush & Durfee. Yeah, the address would be great. Do you know if the are cleaned and dressed or so you have to do that.

                      1. re: Burger Boy

                        I don't know if it comes dressed. I imagine they could clean & dress it for you. Not many people have their own slaughterhouse or inclined to have one. ;-) I'll see what information I can get on the way home.

                        1. re: SeaCook

                          Thankyou so much! This is why we are hounds! Not like that other site Yap or whatever they are.

                          1. re: Burger Boy

                            I stopped by that place I mentioned yesterday. It may not be what your looking for. It was all the way back end of a dusty narrow driveway with dilapidated houses. I did not see or hear either goats of pigs but I had the feeling the property extended back aways. I also did not see anyplace for slaughtering and dressing animals, but that could have been someplace else.

                            The elderly gentleman there only spoke Spanish and even though my mother was Puerto Rican my Spanish sucks. Nonetheless I was able to communicate enough to get a business card. If you still want the information I will post it

                            1. re: SeaCook

                              Sure, post it and I will get someone to call who speaks fluent Spanish. Wouldn't it be funny if this was my friends parents house.......LOL

                              1. re: Burger Boy

                                Pigs & Goats
                                Call for $$$

                                Carlos Aguilera
                                14128 Proctor Ave. La Puente, CA 91746

                                If you go there you might want to ter an exilekiss recommendation near by. It's:
                                Foo-Foo Tei Ramen Noodle House
                                15018 Clark Ave
                                Hacienda Heights

                                Just go east on Proctor Ave and turn right on 7th Ave. Go about a mile then turn left onto Clark Ave. It's 2- 3 blocks on your right. Very good ramen!

        2. Are you looking for an Old Goat? I've got a '65 GTO that I can let you have for a reasonable price. (g)

          Harvey Guss sells whole baby goat (they run around 35 lbs. each) for around $5 lb (maybe a few cents more). With Harvey you need to call on a Monday and they'll have it for you on Thursday.

          1. I've seen baby goat, pig & lamb offered at Claro's at Christmas & Easter. I don't know if they have it the rest of the year, but you could call and ask.

            1. The original comment has been removed