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Aug 15, 2009 10:23 AM

Great Pizza in Fort Worth: recommendations anyone?

I stumbled on a hole-in-the-wall pizza place just south of JPS Hospital near downtown called Patty's Pizza Bakery (red potato pizza was divine) and it got me thinking, anyone else recommend other places?

Patty's Pizza Bakery is great, they make a thin crust that is just the right amount of chewy-ness and can hold/carry the pizza toppings, I enjoy their take on specialty pizzas (which is still evolving I am told). Menu is at

Rocco's Wood Fired Pizza, Camp Bowie area, is only a take-out/delivery place but it is also a very good pizza, with great specialities and an ability to customize that goes beyond just the basic ingredients (for example, sauces include Mole, toppings include salmon, clams, and soy cheese). Menu is at

Mellow Mushroom is good pizza/beer place, Brix is a great wine bar/pizza place, Taverna downtown for something fancy in a pie, and Bosses Brick Oven pizza near Lake Worth just to mention a few.

Your take?

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  1. Yes, I really like Rocco's ... I like the smoked shrimp with basil and ricotta. Hard to believe you can get something that good delivered.

    Mellow Mushroom is good, really friendly staff, but they must be really mellow in the kitchen--took foreeeeeever to get the pizza.

    1. I live in Colleyville and drive to the Mellow Mushroom as often as I can for their pizza. Best in Ft. Worth, but that is just my opinion.

      1. Prespa's in Arlington! Best pizza I've had since moving here from Chicago 25 years ago.

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          Not in Fort Worth exactly, this thread's topic: Deep dish of course is good and often ruined, I've not been there, hope to try it soon, thanks.
          If we want to expand to midcities we need to also include Corky's in Kennedale, Zuroma in Grapevine, Lushaj is HEB and Nizza Pizza in Arlington to name a few. Let's stick to Fort Worth and skip the midcities if possible. Thanks folks.

        2. Red Brick Pizza on Hulen Street at Overton Ridge is the best pizza I have had in Fort Worth. Mellow Mushroom is good but it takes tooo loong. The location for Patty's sounds like an old Chinese takeout location next to JPS. Sorry, I don't go that direction because of the neighborhood. Maybe a delivery. Her menu looks more like a Magnolia Ave. eatery. If her pizza catches on, maybe she should look for space over there as the new restaurants over there have long waiting lines. Maybe she could deliver pizza slices to them while they are waiting in line for an hour and a half. I used to like Godfather's Pizza but don't know of any here, as far as deep dish pizza. Uno's is OK for deep dish but not great. As to the newly reopened Mama's Pizza on Camp Bowie, we have eaten there twice and both time the pizza was bland and got cold quickly. You should definitely try the Red Brick on Hulen. They have no MSG, fillers, or substitutes. The pizza is very flavorful, thin crust. The salads are fresh and tasty. We get the Italian salad with kalamata olives, salami, and artichoke hearts. I think their gelato is better than the gelato at Central Market! Everything is very fresh and tasty!

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            Sad that a mediocre chain is better than most places around here. Now that Taste of Chicago is closed, the one pizza place I'd recommend is Parton's Pizza, off Cherry & I-30. The whole strip mall looks sketchy beyond belief, but Parton's has good pizza, a buffet with requests, a cozy atmosphere and prices are quite reasonable.

            1. re: mbourgon

              Patron's is the chain that allowed their clientele to pay with Pesos (seriously) and they were beaten up in the press pretty badly.

              Quote from Patrons: Dallas-based Pizza Patron received about 1,300 e-mails this week in the ``Pizza por Pesos'' promotion. About 60 percent were negative, including a few death threats, said spokesman Andrew Gamm.

              Patrons markets in predominitely Hispanic neighborhoods, and also is owned by the same gent who founded Wing Stop (who himself is Lebanese).

              As far as culinary value for Patrons, it rates very little on the edible scale. But pretty humorous campaign.

              1. re: DallasDude

                I have to agree, Patron Pizza is one of the worst pizzas out there, chain or not. Total garbage.

            2. re: howdoyaknow

              I actually have tried it, good pizza. Never tried the Gelato, will do next time I up over there. Thanks for sharing.

              1. re: dfwdean

                He said Parton's, not Pizza Patron.

                Parton's has been around for 30 years. It's on Cherry Lane a half-mile south of I-30.

                1. re: buck

                  My bad, but the info I imparted is still good. I owe the Tarant County boys a lunch.