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Aug 15, 2009 10:22 AM

Help! Electrolux or GE Cafe Gas Range

I have a 2 year old Kenmore Elite range that I have been very happy with, it has the bridge burner & a warming drawer. The model has been discontinued. A service tech came to my house and physically damaged the range, so Sears is giving me a credit for a new range, I can get any range that Sears sells & pay the $$ difference over $2400. I have looked at both the GE Cafe & the Electrolux. I need to let Sears know which range I want within a fairly short time frame, so any comments would be appreciated.

I love the Electrolux oven racks, the oven racks on the GE Cafe I looked at didn't pull out or push back in very easily, but it might have been the way it was assembled.

The features I really need are- a high power burner 17btu or more, a large range top that will accommodate at least a 13" pan and a large stockpot at the same time. I don't care much for using a griddle on the range, I have a separate electric grill, but the 5th burner on the GE Cafe seems that it might be useful for making gravy from drippings in a roasting pan. I need a warming drawer of some type (variable temperature preferred) and a good gas oven that will cook evenly. I bake at least twice a week, and cook all meals from scratch, so whatever range I get will get a serious workout.

The other concern that I have is that the only place I have for a microwave is over the range, and if possible I would like to replace my old one with one of the same brand as the range I get, I heard that the Electrolux microwave sucks really bad, but I know nothing about the GE Cafe over range microwave.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I can't help with the Electrolux range or the GE microwave but I've owned & used a GE Cafe Gas Range for about a year now.

    Yes, you can put a 13" pan and a large stockpot on the range at the same time. It has the BTUs you're looking for. I haven't had any problems with the oven racks. They're not on ball bearings but I find that mine, at least, slide out and back in very easily.

    I don't really use the middle burner very often - I just liked the continuous grates. But the griddle is a nice option (although I tend to use my cast iron pans or electric griddles more than the griddle that comes with the range) and it does work for making gravy like you said. But only if you weren't really planning on having any other pans on the range at the same time.

    The warming drawer is a nice extra. I even use it to cook stuff once in a while - but it IS 110V, takes a long time to heat up and has difficulty holding it's temp when the drawer is opened to put pans in. (I try not to use it for very temp sensitive baked goods etc.)

    As far as the main oven goes, it works great for all cooking applications like roasting, braising etc. It's pretty roomy inside too, which was very important to me. I've been a little less happy with the results on my baked goods. I had a cheapo maytag before this, also all gas, and I feel like I got better baking results with that range than this one. But I've been using the convection feature more and playing around with different temps and baking times and things are improving - but I just didn't have to do this much work to get better results with the old range. (I had to dump the old range because the burners got all rusted out and it was enamel and just a bear to keep clean besides.)

    I would have gone for the duel fuel if I could have but there were several things stopping me - the additional cost of the range itself, the need to add a 220V outlet behind the range (additional cost) and the fact that it would have almost certainly forced the upgrade to our circuit board that we know we need to do but just couldn't swing yet - too many other necessary renovations had to be done first - which we are just finally getting done now.)

    One more thing - if you choose this range I highly recommend buying the optional accessory that goes on the back of the range. It really stops stuff from falling behind the range yet doesn't interfere at all with the use of the back burners.

    Good luck!

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    1. re: flourgirl

      thanks for the comprehensive review, that helps alot

    2. All I know about Electrolux is that my relatives in Sweden avoid it like the plague.

      1. I have the gas Electrolux - the one with the two ovens and I have to tell you that I love it. I haven't had as much success using three racks to bake cookies but aside from that it has been wonderful (cookies on bottom rack bake WAY to quickly so I just use two racks for such quick timed things). If you get the one with two ovens vs one oven and warming drawer make sure that you check out the bottom drawer. You can only use shallow pans in the bottom oven. I have only used it once or twice but it is nice to have the feature available to you. I also wanted that range because compared against the other gas model this one had a few more features that I wanted as well. Stove top in pretty roomy for my personal needs and i have been happy with it.

        I do not however have the microwave to go over it. We bought the range in December and used it for ~6 months before deciding to redo the kitchen and are now in the middle of kitchen remodel. I just bought a GE Convection oven for above the range (our first over range model)

        We HAVE seen this microwave over our exact range in a store and they go nicely together in our humble opinions from this house. It was my husband that doesn't cook that was worried about what it would look like over the range - I was personally more worried about how it would function than look! It should be installed next week and I can't tell you how excited I am! It will be the only appliance in the kitchen currently since all other appliances are in other rooms awaiting the arrival of a counter top.

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        1. re: Allice98

          BTW I should mention that this oven makes THE BEST convection roasted vegetables ever. I have gotten my husband to eat a few things he would never eat prior due to the oven - he now adores roasted butternut squash - something he wouldn't touch with a pole before.

          1. re: Allice98

            thanks for the comprehensive review, we are getting the Electrolux, it will be here Monday. We are getting the the dual fuel with the bottom oven/warmer. It looks like a quality appliance and I simply fell in love with the oven racks. I was torn between the all gas and the dual fuel, but the dual fuel was the only model that had the bottom drawer that will function as an oven as well as a warming drawer. I didn't get the Electrolux over the range microwave, it doesn't have a turntable and I can't fathom how it can work well without one, we are getting a panasonic microwave, we decided on that because it has a 420 CFM fan rather than the typical 300 CFM.

            1. re: 2sleepy

              If it's anything like the Electrolux electric range I recently got, you are going to fall in LOVE with it. The Wave-Touch control panel still makes me smile every time I turn it on. I could have gone with gas, but I found out the electric gets hotter than any gas stove I've ever used, and it doesn't throw nearly as much heat into the room (which when you live in Phoenix is a prime concern). When I move, that stove is coming with me.

              1. re: 2sleepy

                Really confused - the IS an ALL gas model wih bottom oven/arming drawer. The Dual fuel is not the only model. If you want all gas you should get it. I can send you a link if you haven't found what you want. It is what I have though.

                1. re: Allice98

                  I wonder if it was discontinued? I went to 3 stores, and all of the gas models only had a warming drawer, I even looked at the manual and for the gas mode & the dual fuel, the gas range manual had instructions on how to turn on/off the 'warmer drawer', while for the dual fuel it referred to it as the lower oven and had directions for using it

                  1. re: 2sleepy

                    I think that if you want the gas you should just cancel the order right away and order what you want. The model number is EW3LGF65GS

                    Website link it:

                    absolutly no point in pay THAT much for an appliance that you aren't fully happy with. That would be nuts! This was a HUGE splurge for me but I do a lot of baking and I really wanted to get the oven that I wanted.

                    1. re: Allice98

                      thanks! I am not sure if I can still cancel but the store gave me 30 days to return it if I'm not happy.

                      1. re: 2sleepy

                        When we were looking for a wall oven to replace the old gas one, we hardly saw gas ovens at all. I asked why, and the salesman said "because to be honest, the electic ovens work far better than gas ones". We were in the process of moving and I never did get to try the new gas one, but when we got a new range we got the gas cooktop with the electric oven, and I overcooked the oven stuff for a good six months because I just couldn't believe how much less time everything needed in the new one! It took the same amount of time specified in recipes! Of course the old oven was nearly fifty years old and falling apart, but wow- I'm a believer in gas cooktops and electric ovens, whatever the brand. Ours is a Kenmore, BTW.

          2. Hi there 2sleepy! I'm glad we were able to help.

            I know this is probably a little late for you - and probably wouldn't make any difference to you, anyway but maybe it will to someone else who reads this thread - but I forgot to add one important reason why I didn't go for duel fuel - I HATE electric broilers. And even though I'm a serious home baker, I'm also a fairly serious cook and I use my broiler a lot. (Which I did last night which is what reminded me about this...) So in the end I couldn't justify all the extra cost etc., for something that I wasn't even going to be 100% happy with (that being an electric oven.)

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            1. re: flourgirl

              I considered that and the lack of a gas broiler might end up giving me heartburn..I guess I will find out lol

              1. re: 2sleepy

                I was told yesterday by a Sears sales associate that the GE Cafe is made by Electrolux. I wonder just how desirable dual fuel is over all gas?

                1. re: Afar

                  dual fuel is much much better than all gas. gas is not nearly as stable for oven temperature.

                  1. re: KaimukiMan

                    Oh my, had a brain cramp yesterday. I meant to say Electrolux is making the premium Kenmore range. Thank you Kman, so if I'm replacing a JenAir electric stove with a gas top, the best cooking options will be with the duel fuel because my electric service is in place.

            2. Probably too late for you, but I went with the Electrolux in this same choice, and I couldn't be happier.

              I'm sure the GE is a wonderful range, as I had one a couple years ago that was a dream. But in this instance, the Electrolux's oven racks on ball-bearings are a HUGE HUGE advantage.

              But perhaps the most important is having the fifth, center burner be a regular circular one instead of the oval is also many times more useful than I'd ever had expected.

              Those big oblong burners are great when you want a griddle or when you're making gravy in a roasting pan -- but they're literally useless for any other vessel.

              For example, you can keep your small pot of stock for risotto simmering as close as possible to your risotto pan to minimize spillage. On the GE, you can't put it on the center burner.

              I love my Electrolux. Wouldn't trade it for any other brand at this point.

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              1. re: dmd_kc

                What I don't like about the Electrolux (and almost ALL free-standing ranges for that matter) is the overhanging panel on the back. I HATED that on my last range because I found that it really interfered with my use of the back burners. That's one of the things I love about the GE Cafe. No overhanging back panel. There is NO panel in the back - unless you choose to purchase the optional accessory - which is very low profile, doesn't overhang at all and really just serves to help contain messes from getting behind the stove.

                And p.s.? I've been baking up a storm lately and haven't had any problems with baking in the gas oven. Everything has come out just fine. And the gas broiler works great.

                1. re: flourgirl

                  We have a couple of months before we commit. We're told in February and March all new model ranges will hit the display floors. Our focus now is on the Wolf (not convinced its advantages are worth the extra price), GE Cafe and GE Profile - 30". The new choice will replace a twenty year old JenAir (we hate it) so the wiring is in place if there are indeed big advantages to an electric oven over gas. Thanks, flourgirl.

                  1. re: flourgirl

                    You mean the back panel that sticks up at the back with your controls? Why don't you check out the built-in models, such as this one?


                    They're not really that custom an install job. I love my Electrolux pretty much without reservation.

                    1. re: dmd_kc

                      This was really helpful to us as we are choosing a range for our island and so far we were both leaning towards the Electrolux. That it wouldn't be flat because of the back, thanks so much for taking the time!

                  2. re: dmd_kc

                    I was reading all your comments, do you have an Electrolux dual fuel?? i'm considering it and would like some input,
                    Help, Help, help......

                    1. re: rangecrazy

                      We never pulled the trigger. Our plans for the kitchen re-do hit limbo.