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Seafood with "white sauce"

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Looking for favorite recomendations for restaurants in the LA county area are for seafood with a clear sauce. Not a huge fan of tomato or cream based sauces with seafood and love a sauce that is mostly like a broth with fresh garlic, lemon and herbs, and like to get dressed up and eat out, so I know the first thought is cook it yourself but that's why we all write on this board because we like to eat out. Here is the problem. The problem is not the seafood, LA is quite good at policing and standards are quite high across the board. It disintegrates from, fresh seafood to:
a) too aldente pasta coated in rancid canola oil from a five gallon container, the pasta kept under the saute station uncovered for two days that allows no absorption of sauce
b) peeled cloves of garlic in 5 pound containers pureed in cheap oil and left out for the six hours of service
c) The same cheap brand of wine used everywhere in th five gallon cardboard box that is used to deglaze burnt oil and garlic
d) if olive oil is used it is destroyed by heating it too high to get the meal out quickly

I have no problems waiting for the food or grossly overpaying the price set for seafood in LA, there just has to be a restaurant out there that does ir right and treats the seafood as the star.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. It sounds like dover sole or filet of sole are your preferences as to seafood, or maybe a place that does seafood with vegetable reduction sauces.
      Cannot imagine liking any seafood in a cream sauce or tomato sauce, per se, as both tend to mask the value of the seafood. But did have a VERY tasty prawn dish last night at Jitlada Thai in Hollywood with a tomato-based curry sauce that you would have done anything for, proving that not all tomato-based sauces are the same.

      1. Providence
        I Cugini

        1. I've had great seafood pasta at Locanda Portofino in SM and Angelini Osteria: