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Best thing you ate this week?

For me, it was the "20 Layer Crepes Cake Brulee" at Ayza.

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  1. 4 way tie between pizza at Keste, chowdown feast at Ssam, chicken etouffee at my house, and a pecan-raisin scone at Flaky Tart.

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      the pork on fire @ rhong tiam. the octopus, and the buttermilk at momofuku sam, the miso ramen at naruto ramen

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        Haha thatta boy seal. The Bo ssam was good.

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          Will you be reporting back for the rest of us?

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              whitneybee is asking if you will be posting a review of the Bo Ssam. :)

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                Ah yes.. I have been meaning to getting to that!

      2. The soba salad at Yama (Irving Place). It had a light, sweet peanut sauce and was tossed with chopped asparagus and cold pieces of shrimp. It really wasn't a salad but it was deelish.

        1. Farm cake and almond croissant at Cafe Angelique.
          Crack Pie at Momofuku Milk Bar.
          Uni panini at El Quinto Pino.
          Smoked mussels from Zabar's.
          Violet chocolate and champagne truffle from Pierre Marcolini.

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            All the pies and at Momo Milk Bar looked refrigerated and therefore cold. Doesn't that take away from the taste of the Crack Pie?

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              Yes, it tasted cold but it was perfect for me with a cup of hot coffee.

          2. It is not this week, I ate it inJuly when I went to NY, but I will eat it next week because I am going back....the white gazpacho at Picholine....It is so fresh and summery and exquisite! It is worth just going to sit at the bar and have it with a glass of wine.

            1. The chiliquiles at Zarela's, and a Thai seafood green curry we made at home, with some green curry paste from Bankgok. Also had a great piece of blueberry crumb cake from Buttercup Bakeshop. Excellent with a cup of coffee.

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                thali at bhim's nepalese in jackson hts. super spicy cold potato dish, a veggie dumpling and a green vegetable i couldn't quite place (almost like collard stems but super tender).

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                    Thanks - it's now on my list ...

                    Bhim's Cafe
                    74-10 37th Rd, Queens, NY 11372

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                      Zabar's grilled mussels
                      Shack Shake 'Shroom burger...could have eaten 6x, but only had 1x

                1. -- a Bolognese sauce that i made w/ turkey sausage from the DiPaolo Farms at the Union Sq Greenmarket, and served w/ a bottle of Chateauneuf-du-Pape (bought at Astor Wines)...

                  -- an avocado/tomato/onion salad made w/ Union Sq Greenmarket heirloom tomatoes and sweet onions, w/ a lemon/olive-oil cumin dressing (served for brunch w/ spelt bread and some scrambled eggs)...

                  -- the Aui Zhou Spicy Fresh Chicken and the Prawns w/ chilies from Grand Sichuan Chelsea...

                  1. I made pizza using Jim Lahey's no-knead pizza dough recipe. It took some advance planning (the dough's not ready for 24 hours), some shopping (DiPalo's for mozzarella, the greenmarket for tomatoes), some foraging (not so difficult, really, I have basil growing on my balcony), some inventiveness (no pizza stone - maybe if I just flip over a cast iron pan & bake it on that?) and some skill (that dough-stretching thing is not so easy). But! it worked. Pizza! Was very good.

                    1. on august 5 deb and i shared a dinner with a good friend at esca.

                      i got there early and sat at the tiny bar at 5:01. the barkeep makes a good gimlet.
                      maybe 20 minutes later deb arrived and we moved to our table despite our third party not being there. prosecco!
                      guest arrives and the amuse arrives. guest was much better.
                      razor clams followed by octopus: always good. the wines, from northern italy, were superb.
                      deb and i shared the sea bass in salt (branzino). superb.
                      dessert was good, too. grappa works for me.

                      good service, good food, good wine. no wonder i keep going back.

                      1. Grilled octopus salad at Kefi. One small bite of my SO's pillowy soft and oh-so-luscious sheep's milk dumplings (how in the world do they get it so soft and pillowy??!), also at Kefi.

                        Oh -- and there was a chaat vendor at the Indian Independence Day festivities in Madison Square Park that made me a free bhel puri at the end of the day, when they were packing up to go home. It wasn't amazing, but I was so hungry and it was such a nice gesture that I have to rank it up there, as well.

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                          Oh yes! Kefi's dumplings are out of this world! It would be pretty hard to choose between Kefi's and Spotted Pig's.

                          My favorite items this week were the ribs at Blue Smoke at Citi Field and the Modern cheesecake with almond crumble and fromage blanc sorbet and the buttermilk panna cotta with strawberry soup at The Bar Room. I'm sure there are probably better ribs around but not at a baseball stadium. Was a great experience eating some juicy meaty ribs and watching my favorite baseball team. And I love the desserts at the Bar Room -- so elegant, refined and full of flavor.

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                            I really want to know their secret. Do you think they inject the dumplings with air? I'm only halfway kidding! I've attempted to make similar dumplings and gnocci, before, and I'd be thrilled if they were only half this airy.

                            So glad to hear the fromage blanc sorbet is back at the Modern. Its appeared in some form or another every year for the past few summers and it's one of my favorites, too.

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                              "Do you think they inject the dumplings with air? "

                              He he. Perhaps. They do achieve a kind of marshmallow-like quality. You must be pretty good if you've gotten yours half that airy. My previous experiments with gnocchi (both potato and ricotta) have been disastrous.

                        2. The butter and sage gnocchi at Noodle Pudding (so soft) or the lobster roll at LUNCH. I also made a great summer squash with scape pesto and egg pasta from Raffeto's.

                          1. I ordered soft-shell crabs from FreshDirect. I soaked them in buttermilk, dredged them in seasoned flour and pan-fried them. Excellent, if I say so myself.

                            1. The smoked duck and fig appetizer at Gotham Bar & Grill

                              1. I've eaten in almost every day in the past week so the best thing would likely be the rogan josh and kutcchi bhindi I made from scratch last night. If we extend the week a little, the best dish would easily be the suckling pig at Dovetail I had at Sunday suppa.

                                1. BBQ Ribs, slow and low with my homemade smoke cherry pepper BBQ sauce

                                  Savory Baked Beans with chorizo, bacon, onion, cumin, smoked paprika and some of my bbq sauce

                                  Grilled corn with roasted jalapeno butter

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                                    Bison Burgers with sheep's milk cheese from USQ Greenmarket and heirloom tomato salad

                                    Then, fried clam roll at Barnacle Billy's in Maine.


                                  2. empanada at ten belles or the lobster roll at john scotts in the hamptons.

                                    1. The crab salad app at Morandi.
                                      Crab meat shredded over 3 types of cucumbers sliced different ways for texture and finished with herbs, an outstanding olive oil and a lightly-ground sea salt. The best summer dish I've had all season.

                                      1. Lamb chop, pork belly, beignets, coffee and vanilla sundae at the Bar Room at Modern.

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                                          1. re: kathryn

                                            I did indeed have both the duck breast and duck confit (I do love duck). However, they were not as good as these other dishes. Full review to come.

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                                              So, steak, I take it Kreuther's duck does not measure up to Humm's? ;) Look forward to reading your review.

                                              1. re: RGR

                                                It is posted RGR and it is a mini-novel. WARNING: Don't start to read this one if you have a pot on the stove, don't have three days time, or while operating heavy machinery. All kidding aside, I hope it is good reading and everyone enjoys it.


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                                                  As you know, steak, I love very detailed reviews. Yours always fill that bill, as well as being fun to read. Fortunately, standing over a washboard is no longer necessary, so as my trusty washing machine does the laundry, I have time to read your latest novella. :)

                                        1. five spice pork belly sandwich at Num Pang. Delicious! Plus the blood orange lemonade.

                                          1. Chocolate mousse dessert at The Standard Grill
                                            Murray's Bagels: Egg salad, sliced onion and muenster cheese sandwiched between a garlic bagel


                                            1. Parmesan-crusted confit leg of chicken at Jean Georges.

                                              1. Two-way tie between the goat cheese cheesecake at Union Square Cafe and the Flambe Pizza at Co.

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                                                1. Ground pork salad and whole red snapper with mango salad from the "Secret Thai menu" at Wondee. Honorable mention for takeout from Kefi earlier in the week (most notably, sheep's milk dumplings, branzino, lamb shank, and galaktoboureko).

                                                  Great idea for a thread, and I think this one will be active for a long time!