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Aug 15, 2009 08:41 AM

The BEST fried chicken in NJ is...

Unidentified Flying Chicken in Tenafly NJ. They have hands down some of the best food in the area. This place even has some fantastic korean meat + rice dishes. Not to mention they have delicious burgers and cheese steaks. The only thing i have negative to say about this place is that you have to wait 15 mins for your finely cooked bird but if you call and place your order ahead of time then no worries. =)

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  1. Church's in Vauxhall is terrific as well, Tenafly is too much of a hike for me for fried chicken.

    1. second time a new poster has put up a subject like that ("best fried chicken in tristate area").

      1. Are you the owner or the chef?

        1. though i've only had a free sample, the stuff could be mighty addictive.....i gotta try the korean northvale chain (bon chon?) to compare...wonder if they're giving free samples as well ;) (somehow my diet includes sample items no calorie winners)

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            I second Church's. Best I've had. This is not the Church's chain, but a place owned by a woman named Judy Church.

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              I don't think the Northvale has opened yet.