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Aug 15, 2009 08:28 AM

60" Blue Star Range needs a Ventilation Hood, any available with Return Air?

I'm purchasing a 60" BS and upgrading some of the burners. My layout will be 4- 22k BTU's, 4 15K BTU's and a griddle. That breaks down to aprx. 160K for the cooktop.

A. How many CFM's are needed. (I've been told -1200CFM - 1800CFM.)
B. To overlap the range and get a 66" hood.
C. Want to implement "return air" so the hood doesn't suck the AC out from the room.

It seems a "Commercial Hood" can handle this application, but cost 10K - 15K.
Other's say you can just open a door or window. Does anyone know what the best hood and type would be? Help

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  1. Answers to all of your questions can be found here:

    Hoods DO NOT come with "return air" or "make-up air" -- that is a separate installation handled by an HVAC professional. And, yes, just open a nearby window if you don't want to bear the additional costs...

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      "Answers to all of your questions can be found here"

      No one can tell the OP how many CFM is needed until they inspect the area where the hood is to be installed. Is this a ranch? A colonial? First floor?
      You can get a base idea of where to satart looking in regards to CFM but that's it. For every 90 degree elbow in the run from your hood you lose a lot of CFM. The length of the run plays a large factor as well.
      Hard to imagine that any one who can afford a range in this price range doesn't already under stand hood systems or is not working with a professional designer. A commecrial hood is going to likely be the best option. If the 10k for a hood has pucker factor here you would be adding a lot more to that for an ANSUL system as well. In other areas make up air is required under local building codes as well.

    2. Given the crummy economic times, I'd check Craigslist to see if used commercial range hoods from defunct restaurants were available in your area - at least you wouldn't have to pay as much as you would for new.