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Aug 15, 2009 08:07 AM

Mad Men

I am hosting a Mad Men party on Sunday. I have deviled eggs, and a jello with fruit,but need a main course!!! Anyone have any ideas for a 1960's entree that will not require hours in kitchen
(it is too hot for swedish meatballs or fondue) ????

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  1. I think this will get moved to the home cooking board - why not just do a deli platter - wrap some thinly sliced salami around gherkins, along with an assortment of meat.

    Or pigs in blankets, if that's not too hot for you.

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    1. re: pescatarian

      I'm confused.....deli meat platter, salami wrapped gherkins....or pigs in the blanket......recommendations from a (pescetarian)


      First Choice: Meatloaf with Mashed Potatoes or Macaroni & Cheese

      Second Choice: Take-Out Fried Chicken......wait, maybe this is my first choice instead.

      Third Choice: Sloppy Joe's

      Fourth Choice: Frozen TV Dinners

      1. re: fourunder

        lol, not a pescatarian, although once was, and not always, so able to comment on meat


      Iceberg wedge salad!

      Shake and bake was invented in '65.

      1. personally, i wouldn't want to be messing with fondue and trying to watch tv.

        these can all be prepped ahead:
        beef stroganoff
        chicken a la king
        beef wellington
        chicken en papillote
        shrimp or scallops wrapped in bacon


        chinese take-out of bbq ribs and chow mein

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          Whatever you decide to make, I think hotoynoodle has got the "tone" right for a Mad Men menu (Mad Menu?). The dishes are the kinds that the wife of a successful and well-compensated ad guy (aka Betty Draper or Monica Sterling) would have served at a dinner party. (Or even a Peggy type, looking to reflect the sophistication she's picked up.) Dishes that the norms of the day would consider "impressive," or "elegant."

          Don't know what tone you're looking for, but I wouldn't look toward the kitschy end of '60s food if i were doing a Mad Men dinner party.

          Actually, the food would be the least of my worries. I'd be totally stressed out about finding the perfect full-skirted hostess dress! Did my mom save any of those "party aprons" she wore, back in the day?! And what about my hair? Could my hairdresser squeeze me in for a set and dry?

          Oh, and Old Fashioneds and Vodka Gimlets are definitely in order.

        2. Beef stroganoff and egg noodles. Great old standard.

          1. In one of the earlier episodes, when Betty met Don in the city for dinner....she ordered the sole....started with tomato juice....i think creamed spinach and potatoes au gratin on the side.