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Aug 15, 2009 07:47 AM

RW at Radius

I want to present a positive view on Radius. We went Monday night. The service was perfect. The gazpacho was the best I have ever had and quite different as well. We had the salmon as a main course. The salmon was perfectly cooked and very good for non wild Pacific. Beneath the salmon was a corn and mushroom melange that was to die for. Which quite frankly elevated the salmon.
I had one desert, my wife the other and we were very pleased. In all, this is one of my all time, top 5 RW meals.

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  1. Thank you! I'll be looking forward to a similar experience at Radius tomorrow night, I hope!

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      I never followed up on this-- Radius blew my socks off!!

      Our whole experience told us that they appreciate us as guests (even during RW!) and that they love serving creative, memorable, well-balanced dishes. They started us with a little amuse bouche-- I think it was a cucumber gelee in a spoon with a coconut foam, toasted pine nuts and bias-cut julienne wax beans. Gorgeous, cool and fresh. Next we had that very unique gazpacho and the country duck pate app. The gazpacho came as a presented dish with small dice of cucumber and heirloom tomato and cilantro oil but then a rich, clear tomato broth with essences of bacon and dashi was poured from a clear tea pot over the vegetables. Gorgeous, delicate, smoky, fresh and warm in the same instant. Our other dish, the duck pate was served with a thin, airy, crisp, buttery, piece of French bread, a simply vibrant green herbs salad with a lemony dressing, a garnish of "rhubarb mustard" and sweet apricot jelly, I think. It was everything you could want in a country pate plate-- fat, acid, sweet, bitter, crisp, creamy, fresh. Yum.

      Entrees were the seared salmon (slightly overdone for our taste but still beautifully seared and seasoned) on a bed of rich sauteed wild mushrooms on "sweet corn fondue" which had the creamy sweetness of cream corn with the crisp, bursting texture of fresh corn. The flavors melded really well and made up for the slightly dry salmon. We opted for a supplement dish-- a duo of muscovy duck. One side of the plate saw mid-rare duck breast over braised greens with a tender cippolini onion and a heavenly, airy-creamy sunchoke puree that showcased the flavor of sunchokes but eluded the starchy water-chestnut texture.. The other side saw a duck confit with apricot puree.

      We had chosen two lovely wines to have with our meal and though the red paired really well with the duck dishes, the white tasted excellent on its own and just yucky with the dishes. It was our error for not consulting the sommelier. So, for dessert, we opted to ask the sommelier for a suggestion and he chose a sparkling Piedmont rose that complemented both desserts very, very well!

      For dessert, a fresh fig and strawberry tart with marsacapone cheese and sweet balsamic ice cream speaks for itself! Meanwhile the plate of chocolate pudding, graham cracker ice cream and chantilly cream established themselves together as "one of the best desserts" my boyfriend has ever had. Granted, this is not the first time he's said this, but joining the ranks of "best desserts ever" is still a nice prize.

      To end it, they gave us a complimentary sweet ending plate-- petite strawberry jellies, pecan fudge, and tiny little biscotti. Like the amuse, it was a message that they valued our patronage, even in the face of Restaurant Week.

      It was a great way to end our restaurant week. We gushed the whole way home.

      1. re: globalgourmand

        Thank you - this is one of the best reviews I have read. Beautifully written with vivid characterization of the courses and their various elements. I felt like I could taste these dishes. In fact, I have not been to Radius in some years; and you have pushed the option to the top of my list for having read your delightful report. Thanks again! :)

        1. re: Small Plates

          WOW! Thank you!! SO glad you enjoyed my writing. Hope you'll enjoy Radius as much as I did. Cheers!

        2. re: globalgourmand

          What a wonderful review - it inspired me to check them out for a non-RW meal, but I'll have to wait for a special occasion - thanks for reporting!

          1. re: sallyt

            You are very welcome-- it was my pleasure. I have this disease where I love all things food, including writing (gushing) about it :)

      2. I always recommend Radius and all three times that I have eaten there were great. Food, service and ambiance are all top notch.