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the Dal Rae Restaurant in Pico Rivera

Does anyone have a review of this restaurant. I've been wanting to try this place for years but have never gotten around to it. It's supposed to feature classic dishes from the 50's. I'm wondering about the quality of their seafood and their food in general. If you've been recently, please share.

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  1. There has been plenty written, just do a search.

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    1. Well worth trying. I went with some friends last Valentine's day... a mistake, of course, it was insane. But we still had a great time. The atmosphere, the drinks, the food - all what you'd expect and want from the era. We tried a number of the classics: Oysters Rockefeller, tableside Caesar, Lobster Thermidor, Pepper Steak. All were quite good, though for me, the pepper steak was too heavy on the green bell pepper, but I am not a huge fan of green pepper as the main flavor in anything. Give it a try - and go early so you can have a cocktail at the piano bar, which is a huge bar in the shape of a piano, it's a kick. (They have a large regular bar as well).

      1. We have been to Dal Rae once. Never again! The service was extremely showy and pretentious, but without substance. My filet mignon was not medium rare, as ordered, but solid medium. My companion had the spaghetti, which was drenched with a medicinal-tasting red sauce. As we expected, the check came to a sizable amount and was not worth it.

        While this restaurant in no way tries to be a cutting-edge place, it also isn't old school fifties. For the fifties equivalent of these prices, one would have expected quiet, competent service, a filet as ordered, and a good plate of spaghetti.

        Save some money and go someplace like Phlight in Whittier, where the food is innovative and the service is great.

        1. We just went there for lunch yesterday. It was our first time having lunch there as we usually make it a dinner destination. I have never had a bad meal there. The service is always first class and you are made to feel comfortable and important. We had a lunch special which includes an appetizer, entree and desert for $22. May sound high for lunch but we usually make that our main meal for the day so it was fine price wise. I had the calamari appetizer which I thoroughly enjoyed. It included the body and tenticles dipped in a light batter and fried. It was served with a marinara dipping sauce and a creamy lemon sauce. Way too much for just one person but very tasty. For my entree, I had the filet (forgot the french name for two small pieces) with a poivre sauce. The meat was cooked perfectly medium rare and was soooo tender. It was served with a small portion of perfectly mashed potatoes and some haricot vert with almonds. The bread is incredible. I also had the creme brulee for desert. It was as good as any I've ever had. My hubby had a crab cake that was very good and for his entree, a chicken cooked "under brick" which he thought had an excellent flavor and tenderness and for desert a scoop of vanilla in a lacy cookie with a chocolate coating. He enjoyed it all. If you want to try this restaurant but don't want to spend a fortune without knowing if it will be your cup of tea, they have an anniversary special in September, the 15th 16th, 17th and 18th. They have prime rib, salmon and I believe white fish on their menu for $19.99. We go every year and believe me, for the price, the prime rib can't be beat. The salmon is also very good. It all depends on ones taste I guess but we're not pure foodies. We just enjoy a good tasty meal with the old things we're familiar with.

            1. 10 of us have been going there every year for the last 7 years. Not all things are great on the menu, like the frogs legs. Prime rib is good and the Caesar Salad, Cherries Jublie and the Bananas Flambe. Veal is also good as well as the fish. The Service is always great for us. Of course you need to make reservations or else sit at the bar and wait for quite awhile, especially on weekends. It gets crowded and noisey, but hey, we like it.

              1. This place is old school.

                Reminds me of the American version of Taix.

                Get the Poor Man's Pepper Steak.

                1. Dal Rae is fantastic if your in Pico Rivera and want some upscale food. Everything on the menu is wonderful and the owners come around to each table to check on you.

                  1. unfortunately, dal rae is out of our geographic area. have had two occasions to try it, and each time have been very pleased. if it were closer, i would be a regular. definitely old school. excellent service, great bar, and exceptional food. have had escargot, table side prepared caesar, several meat dishes and chilean sea bass - would have everything again. the mid-september specials sound very good.

                    1. My experience with the Pico Rivera Dal Rae has been inconsistent overall. You never know how the food and service will turn out. Years ago I frequented the now gone Dal Rae on Harbor Blvd in Fullerton. Much better food, much better service. Too bad it
                      is not replicated in Pico Rivera.

                      1. The Dal Rae ~~ love it.

                        grilled artichokes, onion soup, Prime Rib Caesar Salad (mmmm), Shrimp Louie, creamed corn, filet mignon w/ bernaise, crab legs, prime rib, new york steak, CREME BRULEE

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                          Was there Sunday - we just love this place. It's a 20 mile drive and we never hesitate!

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                            2 words, PEPPER STEAK and the Vine Ripened Tomatoes and Maui Onions,
                            with Old Fashioned Grated Bleu Cheese Dressing. Ok, Ok so that was a lot more than 2 words!

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                              Do Not forget the Cottage Fried Potatoes,
                              With Onions and/or Jalapenos. So darn gooooooooooooooooodddddddddd ! ! !

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                                If you've never had the fresh fish of the day 'a la Ben', you should really really try it..EXCELLENT, I think the sauce is made with those same maui onions.

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                                  Does the pepper steak have bacon on it?

                                  And these prime cuts of beef?

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                                    Bacon, yes. Not sure about prime but choice for sure, take a look at their website, I am sure it lists what the grades are. www.dalrae.com

                              2. Dal Rae is great. Only one complaint : l-o-n-g waits to be seated despite arriving early for the reservation.

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                                  sometimes yes, but a great bar to wait in.

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                                    Agreed. They make a mean martini, but not as good as Musso & Frank.

                                2. Tina and I ate at Dal Rae last night after the Breeders' Cup at Santa Anita. At one time a big haunt for racetrackers, Santa Anita management suggested we go when I asked for a quintessential L.A. spot. Simply put, I can't recall a better meal or more pleasant dining experience. We were undoubtedly lucky slipping into a table with no wait and no rez on a Saturday night, as the rooms were brimming with patrons. From the delivery of the bread basket and relish tray through the sweet and sour rock shrimp appy, tableside Caesar Salad and deservedly legendary Pepper Steak, we couldn't have had a more perfect dinner. This is a throwback institution that clearly deserves every plaudit it receives. The welcome at the door, the attentive service from a team of staff, table visit from one of the owner brothers and clubby atmosphere of the redolent main room, all contribute to make this the kind of restaurant that never faulters. Canot be recommended highly enough.