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Aug 15, 2009 06:36 AM

Becherovka in Delaware???

Just got back from Prague.. and kicking myself for not bringing home some Becherovka. Live and learn.
Any one out there know if or where I can find this in Lower Delaware? I'm sure I can get it online, but it would be nice not to have to wait days for it.
Thanks :)

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  1. I had friends bring me some from Prague as it is not even carried by the PA. Liquor Control Board. As for down yonder in Demarvaville, its a pretty esoteric specialty for your local liquor shop. Call Concord Liquor in Wilmington or Circle Liquor in Somers Point, NJ as in IMHO they have the most comprehensive selections in the tri-state area. Otherwise, you may have to order on line.

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    1. re: Chefpaulo

      Thanks, it did raise an eyebrow or two when I went into Liquid Assets and asked for it. I have good friends in Wilmington so, I think I will contact them and get them to check for me before they come back to the area.
      Have a great day and thanks again! :)

    2. I don't know about lower DE, but in the NCC area you might try Total Wine (there is one on Rte 7, west of Kirkwood Highway)--the store is huge. Or try Kreston's Liquor Mart in Wilmington, which tends to have a good selection also.

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        Thanks, It is looking like I may just be making some calls before a road trip. I know exactly where the Total Wine store is located. Appreciate the tip.

      2. You might also check at State Line Liquors, in Elkton right over the line from Newark, DE.

        1. Thanks to all who replied. I have been able to locate this locally through a friend. I completely forgot they own a few liquor stores.. How did I forget that?? Anyway, they found it for me and surprised me with it...
          Thanks again! Will post more another time :)