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Aug 15, 2009 06:07 AM

Family-Friendly restaurant stop near Woodbridge, NJ area?

Hi all,

I am searching for a family-friendly place to stop on our nearly 500 mile trip to the MD shore. We are interested in stopping about 3 hours after this stop:

435 Hartford Tpke # A
Vernon Rockville, CT 06066-4834

The Woodbridge, NJ area fits the bill, but needless to say we don't "need" to stop there. We are travelling with 2-year-old twins though, so we want to stop as close to about 3 hours as possible and hopefully have a place where the kids can run around a bit too. This would probably be a lunch stop as the previous stop is a breakfast stop.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. If you are taking the Garden State Parkway through NJ, get off at Rt 1 (it's either exit 129 or 130) There are tons of family friendly chains there to eat. There is also the Woodbridge mall about a 1/2 mile away from the exit, and the kids can burn off some energy there quickly.