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Aug 15, 2009 05:49 AM

Hewtin's, Providence

I had a great burger at Hewtin's mobile truck the other day (owned and operated by Chez Pascal). Really juicy beef, good swiss cheese and a sweet tomato relish. Not cheap at $7 but came with good potato salad too and worth it for the quality of ingredients. I've heard good things about their sausages but haven't tried them myself. I gather they're setting up by the park at Smith and South Main on weekdays and the Lippitt park farmer's market on Saturday.

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  1. Yes! I hit the truck this weekend. Congrats to the Chez Pascal crew, who I know have worked tirelessly on the project, because JUST running the best restaurant in the city isn't enough work. Hewtins Dogs Mobile is sort of a bigger, better version of their Hewtins hot dog cart. All the sausages (though not the hot dogs), pickles, condiments, etc are made in-house at Chez Pascal. Like the restaurant the ingredients are very high quality, and much of the meat and produce is sourced from local/regional sustainable growers.

    Thanks to my generous friends, I tasted three items. 1-2 weeks after opening there are still some kinks to work out, but the overall experience is already really, really good.

    Classic pork and fennel sausage with tomatoes, bacon, and aioli. Yum. Kind of unimpeachable. The sausage was juicy, flavorful, and had excellent texture. My only quibble was with the roll, which which a good quality was a little too big and could have benefitted from grilling or toasting.

    Asian style sausage with cucumber slaw and pickled pineapple. Very good, but I just didn't love the style. The sausage is finer textured, the flavors running more toward the bright/sweet end. Needed a little more juice/fat to balance, especially with the slightly-too-big roll. But still very, very good.

    Burger - Very nice, clean tasting grass fed beef, with good cheese and a nice squishy onion roll. Yum. could have stood to be a little rarer (it was at least medium) but it's a thin griddled burger, so it can't really be rare. Not too lean, which is often a problem with grass fed burgers. Cheese could be meltier, but overall quite good.

    Finally -- for what it is, the truck is a steal. GIven the expense of these high-quality, local ingredients, $6-7 for a sausage or sandwich is really very reasonable.

    I very much look forward to a return trip, and knowing the quality of Chez Pascal, I'm sure all the minor kinks will get worked out in short order. Hooray for Hewtins!

    1. I keep hearing about this truck, but no one mentions where its located.

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          Thanks for the review. I'm interested in trying it, but do they accept credit cards?

          1. re: bookwrm

            I am 99% sure the answer is no. It's just a lunch truck, though I suppose they could invest in a wireless terminal. But I didn't see anything to indicate that possibility.

        2. re: tanker64

          I believe they intend to be by the park at Smith and South Main most weekdays but you can check the twitter link below for accuracy.

          celeriac-- the burger I had there was rare (per my request)-- perhaps they've improved on this?

          I had a kickin' grilled cheese with house made bacon there this weekend, accompanied by a fine gazpacho. Really worth tracking this truck down!

        3. As most of you know , Matt has butchered his own pork for a while. I happened to see him today and he mentioned he was breaking down a side of beef. I am not one to complain about bacon wrapped pork meatloaf (which has been one of the featured sandwiches lately), but I think the carnivores will be happy to see more beef options in the near future. I can't wait!

          1. There was a story today in the Providence Journal.