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Aug 15, 2009 05:03 AM

Zeina Restaurant Highland Park NJ

Has anyone had time to try the place that replaced 7 Hills of Istanbul?

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  1. Hello, I have recently tried Zeina in Highland Park. Both my husband and I were very impressed with the new place. From the decor to the music, everything seems to be in place. We tried several appetizers (my favorite is the Hummus with meat) and the liver were both excellent! I am not a liver person at all, but this was very tasty. Dinner portions are very generous and we could not pass up having the extra for lunch the next day. Great selection on the deserts and the presentation made us feel we were in an upscale NY restaurant, minus the prices :-). Service was very good , and they were very helpful in helping us decide on the entrees. Recommend it highly!

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      Luv2eat, thanks for the update. Sounds good. Another place to try.

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        I just tried this place and wanted to check out the web. Great web site by the way. I am very picky when it comes to my food (tel by the and middle easter food especially. I am a big fan of Kamil's in Paterson but it is too far for me. I checked out highland park for a job and stumbled by Zeina. 13 bucks for lunch pulled me in (especially in this economy). Can't say I was disappointed. The food was fresh, bread was hot and service was quick. I was going to bring my family there one night for dinner. I figured lunch was tasty, dinner must be good too. Any recommendations on dishes to order? Any help would be great!

      2. I've eaten there twice and was disappointed. On the plus side the prices are cheaper than 7 Hills and the management is friendlier. However, in my two meals the food was not as good. I was always a big fan of the baked lamb with Turkish rice and the grilled meat with yogurt and tomato sauce. I'm not sure if it was the ingredients or the preparation but these dishes were not as good at Zeina. On Saturday they play really loud belly dancing music and have a screen showing music videos-- not an improvement.

        1. I was very disappointed. They kept the same menu as the 7 Hills, but food don't compare. I do not recommend this place.

          1. Zeina received a "Worth It" from Karla Cook in the weekend's NY Times. I don't always agree with Karla's reviews but this one, plus some favorable comments from friends, has persuaded me to make the excursion to Highland Park.


            1. Food is phenomenal and so is the upscale atmosphere! We had relatives visiting us from Canada and reserved at Zeina this past Friday. We were pleasantly surprised to see our name written on the "reserved" card on our table. Our group of eight had an amazing time, and I do not say this often. The skewered lamb was spiced to perfection and came with a nice heap of bulgur. The grilled fish my wife had was bursting with flavor. The mixed appetizers are a must, as are the deserts, all wonderfully presented table-side. John, our waiter, was really helpful with the selections. We cought the second part of the very tasteful belly dancing show and literally everyone had a great time! Highly, highly recommended but be sure to make reservations, especially during the weekend. GOT TO TRY IT!