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Aug 15, 2009 01:05 AM

Is It Alright To Ask For Substitutions on the Kogi Truck?

I went to a Kogi Truck, just off Wilshire, on Thursday with a friend. I don't like onions (they make me sick, actually, which bums me out) so I ordered the pineapple/jalapeno french toast special. They were out of the french toast and everything on the entire menu has onions in it. So, I just ordered a short rib taco and a spicy pork taco because I was hungry.

Now, not a big deal because the tacos were cheap and the meat was delicious, but I couldn't eat the onions. I got weary of trying to pick them off and did a poor job of eating around them so I got sick for the entire rest of the day. A somewhat dopey move on my part, I'm aware.

Anyhow, I just want to ask, do they do substitutions? The line is very long, people get impatient, the truck guys are focused and I've been conditioned by Father's Office to not ask. All I want is a taco or burrito or Blackjack quesadilla with no onions.

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  1. Never heard of anyone asking for substitutions before. You could try E-mailing or Twittering to ask. They'd be the best people to talk to about this.

    1. Not even a substitution, just a request for no onions. That should be doable unless the topping has the onions already mixed in. And Father's off can wither up and go away. I don't think they have even answered the challenege from The Foundry on a Burger Bout. Step up Sang, be a man, have a little fun, it is jusy a Burger Bout, not liike when you lose they will deport you or anything!

      1. I bet it'd be fine. Ask them on Twitter.

        And Father's Office can take a long walk off a short pier.

        1. If they can do substitutions for vegans (tofu burrito), then they should be able to accommodate your request.