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Aug 14, 2009 10:32 PM

Afternoon tea - weekends only?

Have been looking to do afternoon tea whilst in SF, though it would have to be on a Friday, and it seems as if the big hotels, Ritz, Palace only offer afternoon tea on Saturdays and Sundays. Does anyone know if this is the case and can someone recommend a nice spot for good scones, tea and champagne, other than NM Rotunda?
Thank you.

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    Have you checked out this link? You'd have to drill down to see if the places mentioned offer their teas on the weekdays...

    1. Definitely Lovejoys as noted in the link above:
      "Lovejoy's, probably the nicest traditional afternoon tea in SF"
      kresge86 Dec 20, 2008 01:21PM

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        Second LoveJoys. Other options:

        Secret Garden Tea House in the inner Sunset:

        Tal-y-Tara in the Richmond:

      2. Crown & Crumpet in Ghirardelli Square. There are even some tables with bay views.

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          Do any of these places we recommended do champagne?

          1. re: wolfe

            From the Crown and crumpet link

            Bortolmiol Prosecco Brut NV $42. bottle
            Mumm Cordon Rouge Brut. $68. bottle

            Sparkling By The Glass
            Marquis De La Tour Rosé $9.
            Mumm Cuvée Napa $12.
            Mumm Cordon Rouge Brut $16.
            Buck’s Fizz (Mimosa) $8.
            Kir Royale $12.
            St. Germain $12.

            So ... ok ...technically sparkling wine.

            1. re: rworange

              Not a great one, but Mumm Cordon Rouge is champagne and one of the most popular.