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Aug 14, 2009 10:01 PM

Fish or Le Garage in Sausalito

Three girlfriends and myself from abroad are catching up in SF for a few days to eat and shop. We have booked A16 for the first night as an easy Italian dinner and Gary Danko for the second night, for one of the girls' 33rd birthday.
On our last day we thought we might catch the ferry to Sausalito and walk to either Fish or Le Garage. I know it's quite a walk but early October it should be quite nice weather, right? All of us are happy to eat either seafood or French, but would like to have a long, easy lunch, with a good atmosphere. Are both these places on the water? I believe you can't make reservations at Fish, so does anyone know how busy it gets at lunch time on a Friday? Any suggestions or other recommendations would be welcome!

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  1. >>> Are both these places on the water?

    >>> I believe you can't make reservations at Fish, so does anyone know how busy it gets at lunch time on a Friday?
    I've never seen all the tables occupied at Fish. It is an order at the counter place, so at most you will have a line which moves quickly.

    I would choose Fish since you can get French food anywhere. Fish is a more California type of place.

    1. Since you're open to either seafood or French, it's a tossup. Both have patios on the water. Le Garage is right at a pier housing many boats. Fish, not so much, mostly a place where a few boats can tie up for a while.

      Both are a great walk from the ferry, Fish being further away. Stay as close as you can to the water on the walk and it will be varied and interesting especially if you're not in a hurry. If you stay near the water, you'll go right by Le Garage and can then decide it you want to proceed on to Fish.

      Fish serves simple fish and seafood of excellent quality and very well prepared (for example, probably the best fish and chips I've ever had) in a picnic-like setting. Le Garage serves more sophisicated food in a casual bistro setting with very good service.

      I just recalled my last lunch at Le Garage. I had their "Mussels O bleu", a very large order and wonderful. My next time there I'll get that to share along with a salad to share.

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        I agree - perfect characterizations of both. I'm totally addicted to the tuna and bean salad at Fish, but, on the other hand, I had an incredible lobster salad at Le Garage recently. You'll have a great time and and wonderful food at either one. Make sure you report in after.

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          Places links and a few pics (of Le Garage).

          350 Harbor Dr, Sausalito, CA 94965

          Le Garage
          85 Liberty Ship Way Ste 109, Sausalito, CA

        2. Both are really good, but fairly different experiences. You should know that Fish is cash only and fairly pricey, but tax is included in the tab and the tip jar at the counter is optional. Tho' many on this board dismiss it as a tourist trap, Spinnaker, in Sausalito has some of the best views of the bay and SF anywhere. If you order carefully (simple is better) the food, tho' not nearly as good as Fish and Le Garage, ain't bad.

          1. Thanks everyone. I think we'll go with the suggestion to walk passdFish on the way to Le Garage and make a call doubt the walk will have worked up an appetite for us all!

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              Please note, from the ferry, Le Garage is on the way to Fish, not the other way around.

            2. I would choose Le Garage even though I've never been there. The fish and chips I had at Fish -- the fried halibut was excellent, french fries average. Price: unbelievable -- I just cannot see paying that much. Decor is very casual.