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Aug 14, 2009 10:01 PM

Best places to eat in Cleveland near Shaker and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and near Beachwood

I am from Los Angeles, going to take my son to Cleveland Clinic, Children Hospital for treatments. I'll be staying at the Marriott Residence Inn in Beachwood for 3 weeks. Please recommend some good places where I can buy food for my 17 years old son and/or take him out during the weekend. He likes italian, american diner, chinese, korean, vietnamese foods. Prices should be reasonable, $ or $$. However, if the place is so good that it is an absolute must, then we will be willing to pay for the unique experience. Your post is really appreciated. We also appreciate any recommendations on where to go, places we must see,etc. So far somebody told me I must check out the Westside Market, Amish Country, and a restaurant named Lola.

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  1. I just came back from a visit to Cleveland, raised there living in San Francisco now. I enjoyed a visit to LIttle Italy a favorite place of mine since I was a child, you can sit outside and have dessert and an espresso and listen to opera. If you like real Jewish Deli food Cleveland has some decent food, unfortunately that is the one thing Northern California DOES NOT have! Slymans, not too far from the Clinic is an institution or Corky and Lenny near where you are staying.
    Coventry is a fun area your 17 year old will enjoy browsing the eclectic stores. This was the "hippie" area way back when. Don't miss Tommy's, good food, atmosphere that reminds me of the Bay Area. You must try East Coast Custard...another thing I can not find in my area.

    Lola gets mixed reviews on the boards and from family and friends.

    Do not miss the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame! Take a nice drive to Chagrin Falls, enjoy the wonderful museums and see if there are any good concerts at Blossom, the Cleveland Symphony is one of the best in the world (if your 17 year old is into that). The NFL hall of fame is pretty close too. Beachwood has some nice shopping and lots of dining at all prices. There is a Trader Joe's there, good place to pick up snacks and meals for the hotel.

    Good Luck, the Clinic is the Best. Although Cleveland gets a bad rap it is a decent place and you will find the people very nice and friendly.

    1. Ditto Corky and Lenny's. My husband--who is from Cleveland--dreams about grinders from Grum's and pizza from Mama Santa's. There is a place called Malley's chocolates that offers tours of its chocolate plant (plus lots of Malley's shops in the suburbs) if your son needs a pick me up. There is a place in Coventry with awesome pancakes...the name escape me, but I remember their Blues and Shews (blueberry and cashew) pancakes.

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        This is the second time in a couple weeks that I've heard high praise for the pancakes at The Inn on Coventry.

        I've only been to Slyman's once but I wasn't impressed. Corky and Lenny's can be good. For consistently high quality corned beef, I go to Vienna Distributing on Carnegie. It's not a restaurant but it's worth the hassle of assembling your own sandwiches and eating them off the trunk of your car. They have good bread and good condiments, too. It's not a local mom and pop but it's the best corned beef in the area.

        It's been a very long time since I've been to Korea House. And I've been to Siam Cafe (Chinese and Vietnamese) once recently but I used to go all the time. If these two restaurants are as good as I remember, then I would highly recommend them. I've posted about Siam Cafe frequently. You can search and find some recommendations for specific dishes. They have a very big menu. Also, there's a "tea house" in the back of a grocery store called Asia Foods. Apparently tea house means a small menu of Vietnamese and Chinese food. They have some good stuff.

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          Vienna distributing YES YES...I remember going there as a very little girl 2-3 times a month. My family continues to go there. Their pastrami is pretty rockin too. Also close to the Clinic.

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            The pastrami is excellent but the corned beef is served warm and sandwich ready. Since the original poster will be here for two weeks, he might still be interested in the pastrami. Remember that ideally, pastrami should be warmed by steaming it.