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Aug 14, 2009 09:36 PM

hot wings in delware

where can i get good hot wings near new castle county delaware

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  1. 2 Fat Guys in Hockessin.

    1. There's a small grocery store on Rte 4 in Newport called Zingos, about a mile north of 141. They have hot wings that are almost like a rotisserie style, but with buffalo sauce- so delicious. That's where I get mine these days. You can find them near the rotisserie chicken.
      They're great as is, but I like to throw them under the broiler for a minute to give them a little pop.

      1. Dreamers Cafe on Philadelphia Pike in Wilmington has quite a selection from mild to very hot. And the best thing is, the guy is a genius with hot peppers. The very hot wings are not just a bunch of extra wing sauce with so much vinegar you can't breathe around them (I hate that!). He actually has flavors where you can taste the peppers, get the heat and still taste the chicken! My personal favorite is the #6's.