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Aug 14, 2009 08:43 PM

Junior's Times Square branch

It's at 45 St., and it sucks. Don't go there! I ordered a tongue sandwich, had two bites of it, and found it so disgusting that it was literally nauseating. To his credit, our waiter graciously replaced it with the turkey sandwich I requested as a substitute (I figured they were unlikely to ruin turkey, and they didn't, though it was nothing to write home about). For the sake of completeness, I'll also mention that my cup of matzo ball soup was mediocre. I know a lot of you think the original location sucks, too; that hasn't been my experience so far, so be warned that even if you like the original location, you should not go to the Times Square location.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your poor experience, Pan. I've never been to the original Junior's, and the only thing I've had at the Times Square location is an egg cream (from the take-out area). I was actually surprised that it was excellent.

    1. in my personal experince, the "times shaqure branch" of any resturant is NOT quality.

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        I've had decent meals at the 46th St. branch of Havana Central, though not too recently (last time was probably 2 at least a year ago). It wasn't my idea to go to that branch of Junior's, but I didn't oppose it, based on the possibility that it would be like the original branch. And I was at a conference at the Marriott Marquis.

      2. I work in Times Square and have eaten at Juniors several times. In fact, that's where I go to get a tongue sandwich, which is hard to find nowadays. Most delis don't serve tongue, and those that do charge more for it. Juniors does not.

        The service at Juniors in Times Square is far superior to that in Brooklyn and superior to the service at Carnegie Deli and Stage Deli. The portions are smaller than at Carnegie, but who needs a pound of meat in a sandwich?

        I liked my tongue sandwich the last time I had one at Juniors, but it took some time to get what I asked for: steamed, heated tongue (not microwaved) on toasted rye. I was served grilled tongue on soft rye, requested that the sandwich be remade on toasted rye, and then received cold sliced tongue on toasted rye, requested again hot tongue on toasted rye, and that's what I got the THIRD time, about 20 minutes after my initial order.

        By the way, the only deli that will heat up tongue for you around Times Square is Juniors. And nobody will toast the rye for you either, but Juniors. But it takes some time for the waiters to get things right.

        Many of the wait and kitchen personnel at a place like Juniors are working on autopilot, so to speak, so any time you ask for something that's even slightly out of the ordinary, they may get it wrong. So, be patient and be polite, but be assured you will be treated much better than at other delis in and around Times Square.